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QR Codes: My New Discovery

I've worked for several marketing and sales departments of different companies before. I thought I already know what there is to know about advertising, considering this is my major in college. But I was wrong. I am so outdated!

I was designing a catalogue for signature bags when a client asked me to put QR (Quick Response) code on the first inside page. I honestly haven't heard of that word yet so I asked our Creative Director and he explained and showed me an example. Funny how I end up using something I've noticed before but just ignored because I didn't know its use. It's like clicking a hotspot/link on a printed page when scanned using your phone's camera. How cool is that?

a newspaper ad with QR code

I've seen it first in international newspapers that I picked up from Dubai International Airport. And coming here, I always notice them on the product and sales ads in local newspapers, flyers and brochures. I just didn't know what they are for until eleven months after! Our Creative Director even told me it was used in Japan ages ago. So I am so late to the party, huh?

And here in KSA, the address plaques bear the building's QR code which when scanned shows your house's location in Wikimapia.

And for fun, I made my own and posted it on my sidebar. That QR code will (kinda) help guests visiting my blog on desktop to view it easily on their mobile. It may be redundant but as I've mentioned, this is just for fun.

And to those who want to join in on the fun, here's how to do it:
1. Go to any online QR code generating sites. I used Terry Burton.Co.UK.

2. Click on the QR Code option on the Symbology dropdown menu.

3. Put your blog's URL and click MAKE BARCODE.

4. Your QR Code will appear and you have the option to save the .EPS, .PNG or .JPEG file.

5. a: If you want it as it is, you may already add it on your blog using Layout > Add Gadget > Picture. Just add your blog's URL as link.
    b: If you want it colored, just trace using any vector/tracing programs like Adobe Illustrator and Coreldraw, or image editing programs like Adobe Photoshop. I think you can also trace and color it in Paint and save as JPEG.
    c: You may want to add your product, business name or blog's name inside the code. There are QR code generators which offer that option. But I did it manually. It was trial and error because there were squares that should not be replaced with other graphics such as texts.

For businesses, QR codes attract your market to your website especially if you have ongoing sale. (There are even QR code sites that monitor your website's traffic.) And for bloggers, one can give blog cards with QR codes in it.

Promotion materials look modern with colored QR codes.

QR Code scanners are available for download on Iphones and Google Play on Android phones.

It's never too late to update my knowledge on the latest trends. I'll just try to learn something new everyday. And be more observant of things around me every time.


Admin said…
QR code is a great invention people made. I'm making mobile apps currently and find it really cool to implement QR codes into them. I'm amazed at QR code coupons app builder allows to create. They are really helpful for small businesses.
Beng Gee said…
I always see this image but didn't have any idea what it really is. I hope I'm as techie as you are Beth, so I could create my own blog's QR Code (even only for fun). Thanks for sharing your discovery!
Beth said…
thanks ate beng, but I think it's better to use it when people are used to it or familiar about it there already. And if it is, just let me know. I will make one for you and color it also. :)
Astronyu said…
Hi, just curious where did you get the colorful QR code? Can you share the link to the generator?
Beth said…
Hi Astronyu,
As I've mentioned in my post, you can add colors to your QR code/s by using Photoshop or Illustrator. I just traced mu code using Photoshop.

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