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Durrath Samaa / Jubail Holiday Getaway

I love going to places especially those that I haven't been to. I usually don't go to a place again if I've just been there a few months ago or if I've stayed there for a long time.

Last Ramadan, we went to Jubail with our friends here. Jubail is known for being the largest industrial city in the Middle East. But it also boasts of clean beaches and waterfront amenities. It is almost 500 kilometers away from Riyadh so we started our trip at 5 AM. Unlike our trip to Dammam which was a little dangerous, we were on a convoy this time so we just took our time, stopped over on rest areas, ate breakfast on the road, and played good music on the way there.

We stayed in Durrath Samaa Hotel. It was in the central part of the city and offers free parking. The air-conditioned room is clean, has free Wi-Fi, and is reasonably priced.

After checking in and resting for a while, we headed to the Corniche to check out the parks and the sea. One of the things that I really like about S…