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Assaraya Turkish Restaurant

A working mom like me usually doesn't have enough time in her hands to teach her kids and help them in their assignments after coming home from work. Unless she hires a nanny to help her in household chores or a tutor to teach and help the kids in their homework. I don't have these sanity-saving helps because we can't afford them.

I come home at past 6 pm and more often, I had to cook dinner for us. So before I knew it, precious minutes have passed and it's time for the kids to go to bed after their dinner. While I said here that life is full of sweet surprises, God on the other hand, is full of blessings to shower to His children.

And two of those blessings came in the form of an ordinal number. Gabby won first place on the two academic quizzes he joined, the Spelling Bee and the Social Studies Quiz Bee. And for a treat, we decided to eat somewhere we haven't been to. Fred and I were craving for authentic Arab cuisine for weeks. So we went to Assaraya Turkish Re…

On Moving and Moving On

I spoke too soon when I said that I almost mastered the art of moving. There’s no art in moving unless we sort our belongings according to colors or sizes, which no one, not even I in my OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) state, will ever do anyway. And we usually pack our stuff according to function, purpose, or area where they would be used, right?

And I thought I know a lot about moving. I was so wrong. No one is ever prepared for packing, loading, moving, unloading, and organizing things again. It is very stressful given the fact that we also had to transfer to the new house the other stuff from the garage, living room, dining room and the kitchen which we share with other occupants. Fatigue and exposure to dust got the better of Fred and me. After the transfer, I had severe cough and body pains and had to phone in sick from work for a day.

Although moving, like most forms of change, can bring out the best and worst in people, I’m glad I’ve seen moments and gestures worthy of re…