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Macau Tour, Day One

I wanted to present our trip to Macau in terms of heritage (Cantonese or Portuguese), structure, or activities to do there but my lack of knowledge on its history and the Macanese's way of life prevented me from doing so. Posting what was on our itinerary, which our tour guide made, was the best way, I thought.

THE COLOANE VILLAGE From the Grand View Hotel in Taipa where we checked in and slept upon arrival, our tour guide brought us to Coloane the following day. We saw some Portuguese having al fresco breakfasts  in a small restaurant on the way to the village (my first time to see Portuguese!). There were small shops selling souvenirs, fishing gears and fresh produce. Because we came there a bit early, there were less people, less cars and we had some of the famous sites all to ourselves.

While exploring Coloane, we ate these yummy egg tarts which we bought earlier from the famous Lord Stow's Bakery. We proceeded to Tam Kung Temple but sadly, we weren't able to take goo…