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Afternoon Delight at Manila Hotel

I've been busy these past few days that I wasn't able to update this blog as often as once a week (that's already often for me!) which I promised myself when I came back here in Riyadh. Honestly, I don't have any excuse for not blogging. I now live in a house with fast internet connection, I work for five hours only (our Ramadan work schedule), and I have a zillion of pictures from my vacation back home which I love to share. So why I got busy?

Fred and I celebrated our birthdays last week and we helped in food prep for a baby event this week. I learned of many secrets in cooking and realized (again) my culinary handicap. But now that I've met friends who cook everything delicious and are willing to share how, there's no reason I remain uninformed.

But as I've said, I will be posting first some pictures of our travel back home.

Our vacation coincided with the return to the Philippines from a UK vacation of my sister-in-law and her family. They checked in at the Manila Hotel and my kids had an afternoon until evening swim at the pool of this famous landmark.

I have been to Manila Hotel ages ago. Our professor in Painting asked us to visit his exhibit held at one of its halls. The paintings were awesome but the thought that I was able to set foot at one of Manila's historical landmarks stole my attention from my professor's masterpieces.

view of Manila Bay from the hotel room and from swimming pool deck

Though I knew that Manila Hotel is in Roxas Boulevard, I didn't know it is so near the port area. I expected to enjoy viewing coconut trees, Manila Bay's famous sunset, yachts and buildings along Roxas Boulevard. Aside from the sunset which didn't take place because it was cloudy that day, all I saw were shipping containers, cranes and other things related to shipping. I was kind of disappointed (as if I have the right to feel so, being just the guest of a hotel guest.)

...and so we didn't.

enjoying a dip at the pool

But the very accommodating staff assigned to the pool and garden that day didn't disappoint me. Even though he knew that we were just guests of guests, he treated us like royalty. He offered glasses of water with orange slices and opened umbrellas for us when it drizzled. He was at our beck and call that afternoon. Such service.

at the upper deck of the pool and garden

a view of the rest of the hotel from the upper deck of the pool

the pool at night

The kids tirelessly swam until almost evening and had it not rained, they would have stayed longer. I had many things to do that day but I set them aside for the kids' visit to their aunt and her family at the hotel. Not only because they missed their paternal relatives but also because I knew that a dip at a five-star hotel's pool will be one of their pleasant experiences back home.

As for me, I am contented with taking their pictures and chatting with Fred using the hotel's free wifi connection. It was really a very delightful afternoon. Thank you, SIL for inviting us and Manila Hotel for the excellent service!


Beng Gee said…
Been to Manila Hotel but haven't been to the pool area. Gabby and Sunday obviously enjoyed. Ang bait naman ng staff nila. Sana ganun lahat ang mga staff ng mga hotels.

Stay happy Beth!
Chatty said…
wow, nagbakasyon pala kayo sa Pinas! Buti hindi kayo inabot nung mga pag-ulan at pagbaha the past couple of weeks. Lovely pictures, by the way! :)
Reena said…
Ive been to that hotel several times na before but ive never been to the pool area. Buti na lang you posted photos. :)
Farida said…
I saw from a magazine show in the past that Manila Hotel had a renovation. I'm dying to see their new interior and I hope it was great!

The last time I set foot there was when I could still walk. My ex-boyfriend and I, together with his family went for a dinner cruise and the boat was situated at the back of the hotel.

Hoping to see more of your photos from your trip here. Take care!
Farida said…
Xxx rural life rather :-)
Beth said…
Yes, Ate Beng. The kids enjoyed swimming there a lot. The staff was so kind and accommodating talaga. Very commendable. :)
Beth said…
Hi Chatty, paulan na nung dumating kami kaya di na kami masyado nakagala. Next time itataon namin na peak of summer talaga. thanks for the compliment. :)
Beth said…
Parang tago kasi yung location ng pool. The pool and the staff assigned to it were commendable. :)
Beth said…
I think the renovation was very good. I like the room of my SIL and her family. And there's a water-proof TV on the bathroom. :)
manila hotel said…
Ang ganda pala dito sa pool area ng hotel Manila.. parang gusto ko tuloy mag swimming :D I've been here last year and I stayed for 2 nights. Sayang at di ko man lang natry maligo dito sa pool nila

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