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Bible Verse #9: God's Riches and Provision

Janadriyah Festival 2013: A Cultural Tour

When I heard about Janadriyah Festival from my husband's boss last year, I've always looked forward to visiting the venue. But because we're still new then and Fred isn't too familiar yet in the routes here, we decided to do it this year. I'm happy that it pushed through and Gabby and Sunday had something interesting to do on their vacation, even for just a day.

Janadriyah didn't disappoint me, safety wise. Though the place was packed with people, mostly Saudis, the guards were attentive and good English speakers and even gave Gabby and Sunday wrist bands with Fred's mobile number written on them, just in case they get lost. I just wish the signs on the entrances were also in English so we would know what's inside before we enter. We went there a little bit late so we were not able to photograph most of the crafts, but still it was an enjoyable and educational tour.

I'm not sure if we will be able to go back there again. I just wish that if we ever…

Slow and Easy Mornings

It's the start of another work week but I woke up a little late today. I didn't rush to prepare and cook our breakfast and lunch. I had everything in our ref.

We went to a double birthday celebrations yesterday and there were lots of food. I mean, LOTS OF FOOD. Most of the guests left happy (read: with left-over food to take home) and so did I. When we came home, I tossed the zip-locked food in the ref, washed up and slept soundly knowing I didn't have to wake up early. Thank you, generous birthday celebrants.

But waking up a little worry-free already started about two weeks ago when I tried frozen meals. They're not the ready-to-eat ones from the grocery aisles. They're meals I cooked ahead every Thursdays, popped in the freezer as soon as they've cooled, and reheat when I need them. And for fear of some food-borne bacteria which may affect the food, I decided to just cook for three days.

They're not really all-frozen because I didn't include most of…

Bible Verse #8: Good Courage and Strength

A New Summer Vacation

Short but frequent posts or of medium length but infrequent posts. I'm actually not torn between the two. I believe that frequent, short posts is more doable than longer ones. So I might resort to that at times when I'm inspired to do so.

But what I am torn between now is posting about my trip to Macau before we came here in Riyadh which I haven't posted yet or my kids' field trip this year. I presume that posting the events and pictures chronologically is better, so expect Macau tourist spots posts in the coming days.

And speaking of tourist spots, we won't be going to any of the Philippines' this year, as what we always do back there. We will be staying here in Saudi Arabia the whole summer. The kids, who may have inherited our love for adventure are asking us for the nth time if they will be going to board an airplane again. A big no for them this time.

No to walkalators of Dubai International Airport.

No to clowning around and not minding the other passeng…