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My Social Networks and a Thank You

I am so busy. That's my old, wornout, yet honest alibi for being not able to do certain things such as socializing online. Now that we live in a different country, and most of my friends are in different continents, I believe I now have all the reasons in the world to socialize and get updates on what's happening to them and in my own country. But regretfully, as much as I want to connect, I didn't. But that doesn't mean I don't want. I just don't have the time anymore. Anyway, here is my socialization status yearender report.

Coffee Happy This Winter

My love for coffee dates back to my college days when I can gulp down as much as seven cups in a day. But many years, a marriage, and two kids after, I mellowed and got contented with just a cup daily.

Bible Verse #4: God's Faithfulness

The Newspaper Ad about Language

My job requires that I complement the fonts to the layout of the printed materials that I design. My daily acquaintance with typography has led me to appreciate the Arabic fonts. It has many variations, just like its English counterpart, and I especially like the distortion and the arrangement that can be done with the letters. You can stretch the letters for as far as you like, and they never lose their form and meaning.

Bible Verse #3: Trusting the Lord

I didn't realize that my last entry here was already fifteen days ago. Time passed by so quickly because I was (and I always am) busy accomplishing my work and domestic duties. But I am not complaining. I am the kind of person who always look at the brighter side of things. I always try to justify things that come my way.

Day Tour in Red Sand

There's a quote I read about traveling and taking photos. And it goes something like this:
"A journey without pictures is a journey half traveled."
I remembered that quote because I wanted to explain why I post many pictures of our trips or experiences here. That quote is my ground for doing so. I also wanted to show how far or how wide I have explored a certain place or how little I know about it. Sometimes, when people ask where I went, I just open the gallery on my phone and show them my pictures. I always let the photos do the talking.

Hidden Valley in Riyadh

One of the things that I like here in Saudi Arabia is the long vacations. My leave from work and the kids’ leave from school last Ramadan was one week but we used that up to move to our new house. This Eid, it’s eight days for me and the kids again. Fred was given 6 days.

Assaraya Turkish Restaurant

A working mom like me usually doesn't have enough time in her hands to teach her kids and help them in their assignments after coming home from work. Unless she hires a nanny to help her in household chores or a tutor to teach and help the kids in their homework. I don't have these sanity-saving helps because we can't afford them.

On Moving and Moving On

I spoke too soon when I said that I almost mastered the art of moving. There’s no art in moving unless we sort our belongings according to colors or sizes, which no one, not even I in my OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) state, will ever do anyway. And we usually pack our stuff according to function, purpose, or area where they would be used, right?

Bible Verse #2: In Times of Stress

I'm beginning to believe that I have mastered the art of moving. Since we came here in KSA last year, we've moved to two houses already and now, we're moving again. Our search for a new house ended when God provided one that's near to grocery stores, remittance centers, and my kids' school. It isn't too far from my workplace and its proximity to two hospitals will give me the chance to walk and flex those leg muscles again.

Homemade Power Bar

Did you ever feel an itch to do something you've always wanted but didn't have the resources for it? That's exactly what I feel right now. I've always wanted to bake because I have a love-hate relationship with brownies and anything sweetly baked. I love them so much that I could eat a panful but I hate what it does to my body afterward. I really wanted to try baking but sadly, I don't have an oven yet. We're planning to buy one, just the table top kind, next month or when we're kinda settled in our new house here. I just hope there won't be unexpected expenditures that will dent our already tight budget.

Bible Verse #1: Righteousness

I've been wanting to post Bible verses for ages but didn't have any idea on how to present them. Because I love taking pictures of nature and other beautiful things, and I'm into graphics, I thought why not tap into these resources? So here's my first ever Bible verse using one of the pictures I've taken before. Please come back to check on God's words and feel free to copy/save these verses (which will be posted every other Saturday) and share with others.

And now that I've finally posted one verse, I'm happy that I've used again the talent and resources God has given me to spread His word. Thank you, Lord.

Picture Perfect Vacation

I've said in my Instagram pic shower that we're leaving the villa which we learned to love and enjoy. Having moved here last July, my family has just acclimatized to the freedom (read: wide spaces!) that this villa offers. Watching my kids play basketball, steer a scooter, run around, or just roam outside the house make Fred and I happy knowing that we made the best decision of moving out of our former flat which is small. Because of the ongoing civil war in Syria, the owner of the villa had to leave his home country and occupy his house here again. We've been looking for other villas for weeks now but haven't found any that fits our specs and budget. I just hope and pray that we will find one this week.

I Miss the Ayala Triangle Gardens

My Eid vacation started last Thursday. Companies and schools here close for a week or less, depending on the management's decision. As for the four of us, we either go out at night when the malls open or just laze around watching movies and reading books when our chores are done. This free time is the reason I get to post two stories in a week. Being a working mom with no nanny, that is already an achievement for me! My blog maybe is the slowest blog you have ever visited and read. So please bear with me.

QR Codes: My New Discovery

I've worked for several marketing and sales departments of different companies before. I thought I already know what there is to know about advertising, considering this is my major in college. But I was wrong. I am so outdated!

Afternoon Delight at Manila Hotel

I've been busy these past few days that I wasn't able to update this blog as often as once a week (that's already often for me!) which I promised myself when I came back here in Riyadh. Honestly, I don't have any excuse for not blogging. I now live in a house with fast internet connection, I work for five hours only (our Ramadan work schedule), and I have a zillion of pictures from my vacation back home which I love to share. So why I got busy?

Back to Nature

As I've said here, there were tons of things I did while on vacation. I went to our house's developer for documents and payments, met with the travel agent several times for our visa application, packed our belongings just in case we push through with our plan to give up our rented house and move to our new house, and visited friends and families.

I'm back.

It's been a while since my last entry here. Thank you so much to all of you who dropped by, left well wishes, and dropped by again to check if I already updated my blog.

Our vacation in the Philippines was a mixture of business and pleasure. I consider it business because I had to pay our arrears, go to our house’s location for the initial inspection before the turn-over, and submit some documents which I still lack.

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

The kids and I will be leaving in a few hours to go back to the Philippines. And I’m not sure when we will be back again here in Riyadh. I just hope it will be before July, or just a few weeks after the school starts here in Saudi. Or else, Gabby and Sunday will have a lot of catching up to do again.

My Week at a Vintage Glance

My hands are full with many things I pretend to successfully juggle but frustratingly leave half done most of the time. But don’t get the impression that I leave them undone, or half done, or three-fourths done, or not even including them in my to-do list, because I don’t love doing them.

I love doing my job. God uses my job to bless me with a salary that augments our daily expenses. I love doing the chores at home. Though I really get tired because of my broken shift at work, I just look at them as a form of exercise and love-filled service to Fred and the kids. I love having my quiet time.

Summer Promises and More

Just when I thought I would be able to fulfill the promise I made to myself last week, I failed again. I promised myself that I would exercise last week for at least 15 minutes everyday and would not eat dinner when I arrive from work at 10:30 pm. But lack of motivation and too much chores at home and tasks at work prevented me from shedding off those unwanted fats.

All in a Day's Fun

I didn't have time to blog last week because I spent it at work, house and other activities. If only I have more time, I would've done more things that I enjoy doing. And blogging is on top of that list, of course. But last Thursday, I did so many things I never thought I could accomplish in a day.

Cooking Our Way To Health

Call me outdated or so behind-the-times but that’s what I am when it comes to watching documentaries. It was just a few weeks ago when I watched the 2008 American documentary film Food, Inc. which changed the way I view fast food. Not that I didn’t know how unhealthy they are. I already know that from watching Supersize Me, the 12th highest-grossing documentary film of all time. Food, Inc. just validated my past knowledge of where fast foods come from, how they are treated, processed prepared, and in the end, inspired me that I can do something about the dilemma.

Tagaytay One Fine Day

I didn't know what came into me but I was feeling a little bored one morning while at work. Maybe, it was the monotonous task assigned to me. Or maybe it was the overcast sky suggesting a brewing sandstorm. Bored and gloomy, I decided to call my Abu Dhabi-based BFF and chat for a little while.

Pisa Dive: A Company Outing

Working in a company has many perks and one of them, which also happen to be my favorite, is the company outing. I have so much respect for management of companies who make sure that their staff gets to unwind, relax and bond with each other at least once a year. Usually, for free. And here in Riyadh, or Saudi Arabia in general, I don't think it is included in the list of company perks. Sigh.

A Fusion of Something Special and Organic

It was our 11th wedding anniversary last February 17. We decided to celebrate the day before because our anniversary fell on a Friday where shops, restaurants and most establishments open at 4pm. We cannot stay out late on Fridays. I have to get up before 6 am the following day to prepare our breakfast and the kids' and hubby's packed lunches. Saturday is like Monday in the Philippines, the start of school and work week.

Why I like Sofitel

I do not know the start of summer here in Saudi Arabia. But I can already feel it as we have to use the AC again in our room. I already miss the months of March, April and May back home. Philippine summer is not complete without going to the beach, swimming and vacations. I also miss going to water theme parks or pools to either swim or just watch the kids enjoy the water. And thinking of these lead me to remember that afternoon when my sister-in-law and her husband invited us at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel. This is their hotel of choice not only because of its five star rating on its accommodations and services but also because it is near my in-law's house. We went there on a weekday and we expected less guests at the pool. We were wrong. Gabby and Sunday were the only guests who used the pool when we arrived!

A Hot Spring Resort on a Hot Summer Day

Whenever summer comes, I always get anxious about giving my kids activities that will pass their time and enrich their experiences. It could be going somewhere they haven't been to, attending crafts classes or just bonding with their friends or relatives. It must be the stage mom in me, but I want to fill my kids' childhood years with a chestful of good experiences.