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We're Guests of a Saudi Family

It's vacation time for Gabby and Sunday! That means the much-needed break for me. No more getting up a little bit early to prepare their breakfast and packed lunches and getting them ready for school. I am now enjoying those extra snooze time and the unhurried sipping of coffee in the morning. I'm so grateful.

Bible Verse #7: Beauty and Vanity

My Pockets of Time

There are things that I do when I have those short, supposed-to-be-doing-nothing moments. And most of the time, they're when:

1. I'm on my way to the office, seated at the front passenger seat of Fred's car, and instead of talking non-sense or talk about non-sense things, or just run out of no non-sense things to talk about, we either concentrate on what we choose to do: he, on his driving and what work awaits him at the office; and I, on putting on my lipstick or eyeliner.