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Back to Nature

As I've said here, there were tons of things I did while on vacation. I went to our house's developer for documents and payments, met with the travel agent several times for our visa application, packed our belongings just in case we push through with our plan to give up our rented house and move to our new house, and visited friends and families.

A few days after our arrival, we went to my mother in Bataan. My kids were very happy because they got to enjoy again the beauty of nature, Philippine countryside version. Fruit bearing trees, vegetables grown by their grandma, chickens being chased by dogs, bamboo bed under a tree, blue sky and the thickest formation of clouds above. Except for the scourging rays of the sun, the day was perfect and the kids were excited and happy all throughout the day.

Fred and I were born and raised in the city and we didn't go to the provinces of our parents often. So whenever Gabby and Sunday squeal at the sight of soil, grab their shovels …

I'm back.

It's been a while since my last entry here. Thank you so much to all of you who dropped by, left well wishes, and dropped by again to check if I already updated my blog.

Our vacation in the Philippines was a mixture of business and pleasure. I consider it business because I had to pay our arrears, go to our house’s location for the initial inspection before the turn-over, and submit some documents which I still lack.