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Pisa Dive: A Company Outing

Working in a company has many perks and one of them, which also happen to be my favorite, is the company outing. I have so much respect for management of companies who make sure that their staff gets to unwind, relax and bond with each other at least once a year. Usually, for free. And here in Riyadh, or Saudi Arabia in general, I don't think it is included in the list of company perks. Sigh.

One of the summer outings that I like happened back in April 2009 and held at a resort owned by the company president. We went to Pisa Dive in Tingloy, Batangas. Fred and the kids tagged along and even though it was quite far, the island was worth all the hours of traveling: three hours by car to Anilao port from Manila and another hour or less by boat from the port to the island.

The HR staff went a day ahead to prepare all the food and lodging so when we arrived, we just ate, played, swam and slept. What an idyllic way to bond with co-employees! We stayed in a two-level house with three r…

Pizza Fusion

It was our 11th wedding anniversary last February 17. We decided to celebrate the day before because our anniversary fell on a Friday where shops, restaurants and most establishments open at 4pm. We cannot stay out late on Fridays. I have to get up before 6 am the following day to prepare our breakfast and the kids' and hubby's packed lunches. Saturday is like Monday in the Philippines, the start of school and work week.

We decided to eat at Pizza Fusion, located along Thalateen (30) Street. It boasts of fresh and delicious food made from organically grown ingredients.

We ordered Banana Berry Shake and Strawberry Frost but they were not offered at that time. The wait staff explained that when the organic ingredients are not available, they'd rather not serve the order than make them from inorganic produce. Wow, hats off to their strict compliance to their slogan: Fresh, Organic and Earth Friendly! It's responsibility first before profitability for them. I hop…

Casa Leonida Resort

Whenever summer comes, I always get anxious about giving my kids activities that will pass their time and enrich their experiences. It could be going somewhere they haven't been to, attending crafts classes or just bonding with their friends or relatives. It must be the stage mom in me, but I want to fill my kids' childhood years with a chestful of good experiences.

A local told me it's still spring but I can already feel it's almost summer. The kids are beginning to ask when and where they can swim here. I told them I don't know Riyadh well yet. A friend of Fred invited us to their villa for a dip at their pool and we might go there when we have the time. Too bad, there's always sandstorm when we have the time.

That's when they miss the Philippines. Sunday even told me she wants to go back home. She misses the times when they were invited by their aunts and uncles for short vacations. Just like when my sister invited us to spend Good Friday and half of Bla…