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Macau Tour, Day Three

Our tour guide had to work on our third and last day in Macau so we had to fend for ourselves. Since we've been to almost all the places that was on our list, except the Go-Kart and the Macau Museum, we took our time and decided to just walk and explore Taipa by foot.

Residents from nearby condominiums are blessed to have this oasis. The blooming flowers, inviting benches, kois and turtles in the pond, and shady trees all make for a quick getaway from the hustle of city life.

We discovered a path filled with pebble stones, and people said walking there is therapeutic as the stones massage the feet and gauge a person's overall fitness. They said that only the healthy and fit would be able to walk this pathway all the way to the end. We thought it was a joke until we tried. First step, we knew we're healthy. Second, we knew we were a little unfit. Third, we knew we needed exercise. And fourth, we realized we were so unhealthy! Although the stones ma…

Macau Tour, Day Two

There were things that happen just when you thought you've planned your trip well. Just like the sudden change in weather on our second day. Although it was already cloudy the day before, we didn't expect that it would rain the following day. But the gloomy weather didn't stop our itchy feet from exploring and checking out new places.

Our friend booked us in Grand View Hotel in Tampa and it's near the Macau International Airport and his house. And because of that, we were able to drop by his house to eat a hearty breakfast (tuna omelet, hotdogs, sunny side ups, and fried rice) which filled us up for a lot of walking, shopping, and taking pictures hours after. Here are just some of the places we've gone to on our second day:

THE RUINS OF ST. PAUL CATHEDRALIt was already raining when we came there. But we didn't mind because we were already wearing jackets because of the cool temperature. After going up the steel stairway at the back which leads to the top of t…