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Goodbye, Winter

Summer is almost here. And how I will miss winter. I like waking up to chilly mornings and sleeping to freezing nights. Winter gives me all the right reasons to enjoy a mug of good, hot coffee and snooze a little longer. Winter also brings with it the much awaited rainfall, be it as little as a short drizzle or as much as a whole day non-stop downpour which flooded our garage weeks ago.

A Trip to Fantasy Land

How time flies! January, which is the coldest month here, flew just like that. Gabby celebrated his 11th birthday and Sunday, her 9th. And for that, January left happy get-togethers, sweet smiles, and thoughtfulness and generosities from friends. Thank you so much to them.

This February, I took a day off from work to be with my kids on their second field trip here in Riyadh. I had fun except that there were some incidents that I think should have been avoided had the organizers planned the trip well. But I won't expound on that in this post. I'll save that for later. What I would like to share here is the Fantasy Land which the kids went to on their previous field trip. Gabby and Sunday had so much fun there (while their doting mom carried their bags, made sure their backs were dry, and they were hydrated.)

But what the kids enjoyed more was the Dolphin Show. Who would've have thought that an arid place like Riyadh have dolphins? And before any animal welfare activists r…