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A Winter Afternoon at Wadi Namar

I always try to seize the moment, especially when it spells t-r-a-v-e-l.

No one knows how long one stays in one place or how long a place stays for us. Take two of my dream destinations for example: Bohol and Samar. Natural calamities and manmade disasters have destroyed some attractions in these places. But here in Riyadh, the government is busy restoring and developing places that were neglected or taken for granted. I just hope we'll stay a little longer to enjoy these places.

I'm not sure how long we will be allowed to work here because labor laws are being drafted – and hopefully cancelled – regarding the maximum stay of expats here. For that and my love for travel, I decided to squeeze the most out of our time here and explore this wonderful city whenever we can.

Together with some friends, our family went to Prince Sattam Park one late Friday afternoon. The Wadi Namar Dam and the lake created from it is the main attraction of the park.

We wanted to go directly to the …

Exploring the Al Heet Cave

There are some things that happen in life when you least expect them.

Just last week, our laptop fell accidentally and the result was something that taught me a lesson on file back ups: all the files and the pictures that I've saved in the hard drive were damaged. Most of the pictures were from my DSLR and most were trips to places here in Riyadh. Sigh. Next time, I would be mindful of the pictures I've taken and save them in my Dropbox account.

King Fahd Causeway's Border Station

A famous quote says, "When in Rome, do what the Romans do." But when you're in Al Khobar, and you have a car and a little more time to spare, do what we did: Go to the King Fahd Causeway's Border Station before heading home.

Bible Verse #11: Rejoice in the Lord