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My Dream at the City of Dreams

After our visit to The Venetian Macau, we headed to The City of Dreams which I forgot to ask my Macau-based friend why it was aptly named. Maybe, because of its dream-like beauty. Or maybe, because people who've gone there dream of going back there again. I'm one of them.

The City of Dreams is home to different high end shops and the famous Hard Rock Hotel Macau. Since our friend works there, we were able to chat with their bartenders and linger at their lounge.

Before you reach Hard Rock Hotel, you will be greeted by this awesome drumstick relief.

The Hard Rock Hotel Macau reception

The famous egg tarts of Macau

The City of Dreams offers spectacular shows I would love my kids to watch! My former officemate who've watched The House of Dancing Water show told me it's just extraordinary. We watched the Dragon Treasure show and left asking ourselves, "How did they do that?!"

Me at the VIP lane of The Bubble. Here's how to get tickets to the Dragon's Tr…

The Beauty of The Venetian Macau

While it took me a while to think of an opening statement for my Macau vacation posts, I still didn't come with a fitting one. So I dug deep into my thoughts and finally just told myself to be honest. And so here goes:

Would it be shameful to admit that my three-day tour to Macau two years ago was my first out of the country? At first, I didn't want to admit to friends who keep asking me if I've already been to this country or this tourist destination, or worse, if I've traveled abroad. I either change the topic just so I won't lie, or I just return the question. But later on, when some true friends who don't measure me up by the number of countries stamped on my passport told me they haven't traveled abroad or even boarded an airplane yet, I felt grateful and proud. Small feat for some. Big feat for me.

My high school friends and I came to Macau via Cebu Pacific. Though it was my fourth plane ride already, I was excited for the tour because I was also …

Tea: I Like, I Dislike

Though loaded with work and sometimes forget to enjoy a decent lunch (which results to bingeing later in the night, but that's another story), there's a whim I enjoy every work day. I can have tea or coffee anytime I want to without making one. That's because we have a tea boy who makes them for us. He also brings us glasses of water whenever asked and buys our snacks from the nearby store.  I know we're pampered, to a fault. The office isn't the same without our teaboy. We can live without him, but it's just different when he's there.

Although I dislike tea because I don't like the bitter taste of dried leaves, I asked our tea boy to make one for me one day. Maybe, it's in the lemon. Or maybe it's in the time of the day. Or maybe it's in the brand. But I decided that day to start drinking a cup of green tea everyday. I need to be healthy again, start exercising, and eat healthy foods. I'm not getting any younger and I need to take …