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No Bake Cheese Cake with Fresh Strawberries

While it should still be winter here, the temperature rose to around 24-26°C the last few days. This borrowed summer made me miss the chilly mornings when the shrill ring of the alarm clock isn't enough to jolt me (because I usually go back to bed and snooze for a few more minutes) and the warm water from the shower wakes me up more than it cleans my body.

Some Winter Loving

It's already our second winter here and I believe we already warmed up to the climate here. Our body must've already adjusted to the cold weather. Or most probably, we've prepared for the temperature dip earlier and better. The kids have several hoodes sweaters and jackets already and they don't go out without them anymore. And as a loving mom, (yes, I think I am), I always massage oil on their backs before they go to sleep. It maybe just me but I believe that the massage oil I apply to their bodies either blocks the draft that seeps in from the windows or the essential oils spew out anti-viral essences that boost their immune system. But whatever the therapeutic effects those oils give, no one is really prepared for the harsh weather.

Bible Verse#6: God's Comfort

Pizza Overload

If I would count the number of pizza slices and flavors that we had the past two weeks, I'd say we have eaten enough for two months. It just happened. Someone treated us to a pizza, or the pizza store is the one nearest to us when we got hungry, or we just didn't like the choices of food stores in the mall that we've gone to.

Holiday in Riyadh Zoo

I have been asking Fred to bring us to the zoo here for the longest time but he didn't have the time because he has work on Thursdays, which is my rest from work and the kids' rest from school. Last Christmas, my Tunisian boss, who's kind of making up for the fit he had on me the day before, told me I could have the Christmas day off so I can be with my family. Wow, that was one making up any employee would like to hear from their boss! Fred on the other hand, was also allowed to stay with us. Yay again!

Bible Verse #5: A Time for Everything