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The Newspaper Ad about Language

My job requires that I complement the fonts to the layout of the printed materials that I design. My daily acquaintance with typography has led me to appreciate the Arabic fonts. It has many variations, just like its English counterpart, and I especially like the distortion and the arrangement that can be done with the letters. You can stretch the letters for as far as you like, and they never lose their form and meaning.

Bible Verse #3: Trusting the Lord

I didn't realize that my last entry here was already fifteen days ago. Time passed by so quickly because I was (and I always am) busy accomplishing my work and domestic duties. But I am not complaining. I am the kind of person who always look at the brighter side of things. I always try to justify things that come my way.

Day Tour in Red Sand

There's a quote I read about traveling and taking photos. And it goes something like this:
"A journey without pictures is a journey half traveled."
I remembered that quote because I wanted to explain why I post many pictures of our trips or experiences here. That quote is my ground for doing so. I also wanted to show how far or how wide I have explored a certain place or how little I know about it. Sometimes, when people ask where I went, I just open the gallery on my phone and show them my pictures. I always let the photos do the talking.

Hidden Valley in Riyadh

One of the things that I like here in Saudi Arabia is the long vacations. My leave from work and the kids’ leave from school last Ramadan was one week but we used that up to move to our new house. This Eid, it’s eight days for me and the kids again. Fred was given 6 days.