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Jinan Suites, Al Khobar

I am missing in action here for over a month. That's because the kids were into quiz bees, quarter exams, and projects the past weeks. That's the main reason I forgot to post our Dammam-Khobar getaway. If you're wondering why we always go to Al Khobar, that's because it's the nearest city from Riyadh that has beaches! And I love the beach. Even just the sight of it.

The Eid al-Adha this year falls on the third week of October. Together with a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary and a male friend who said yes at the last minute, we spent an impromptu two day, one night vacation in Al Khobar.

Impromptu because we didn't book any hotel room in advance and we didn't know where to stroll and eat. We also didn't know the location of the beach in Half Moon Bay area where we plan to swim. But we know that just by being out of Riyadh and away from the sight of buildings where we work, we will have fun.

We've been to Al Khobar and Dammam twice alre…