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Picture Perfect Vacation

I've said in my Instagram pic shower that we're leaving the villa which we learned to love and enjoy. Having moved here last July, my family has just acclimatized to the freedom (read: wide spaces!) that this villa offers. Watching my kids play basketball, steer a scooter, run around, or just roam outside the house make Fred and I happy knowing that we made the best decision of moving out of our former flat which was small. Because of the ongoing civil war in Syria, the owner of the villa had to leave his home country and occupy his house here again. We've been looking for other villas for weeks now but haven't found any that fits our specifications and budget. I just hope and pray that we will find one this week.

For the meantime, I've been posting at least three images on Instagram almost everyday for three days now. Forgive my shameless plug but if you have an Instagram account, please add up bethp26 (that's me!) to view on your phone most of the pictures I…

I Miss the Ayala Triangle Gardens

My Eid vacation started last Thursday. Companies and schools here close for a week or less, depending on the management's decision. As for the four of us, we either go out at night when the malls open or just laze around watching movies and reading books when our chores are done. This free time is the reason I get to post two stories in a week. Being a working mom with no nanny, that is already an achievement for me! My blog maybe is the slowest blog you have ever visited and read. So please bear with me.

QR Codes: My New Discovery

I've worked for several marketing and sales departments of different companies before. I thought I already know what there is to know about advertising, considering this is my major in college. But I was wrong. I am so outdated!

I was designing a catalogue for signature bags when a client asked me to put QR (Quick Response) code on the first inside page. I honestly haven't heard of that word yet so I asked our Creative Director and he explained and showed me an example. Funny how I end up using something I've noticed before but just ignored because I didn't know its use. It's like clicking a hotspot/link on a printed page when scanned using your phone's camera. How cool is that?

a newspaper ad with QR code

I've seen it first in international newspapers that I picked up from Dubai International Airport. And coming here, I always notice them on the product and sales ads in local newspapers, flyers and brochures. I just didn't know what they are for unti…

Afternoon Delight at Manila Hotel

I've been busy these past few days that I wasn't able to update this blog as often as once a week (that's already often for me!) which I promised myself when I came back here in Riyadh. Honestly, I don't have any excuse for not blogging. I now live in a house with fast internet connection, I work for five hours only (our Ramadan work schedule), and I have a zillion of pictures from my vacation back home which I love to share. So why I got busy?