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Bible Verse #2: In Times of Stress

I'm beginning to believe that I have mastered the art of moving. Since we came here in KSA last year, we've moved to two houses already and now, we're moving again. Our search for a new house ended when God provided one that's near to grocery stores, remittance centers, and my kids' school. It isn't too far from my workplace and its proximity to two hospitals will give me the chance to walk and flex those leg muscles again.

Homemade Power Bar

Did you ever feel an itch to do something you've always wanted but didn't have the resources for it? That's exactly what I feel right now. I've always wanted to bake because I have a love-hate relationship with brownies and anything sweetly baked. I love them so much that I could eat a panful but I hate what it does to my body afterward. I really wanted to try baking but sadly, I don't have an oven yet. We're planning to buy one, just the table top kind, next month or when we're kinda settled in our new house here. I just hope there won't be unexpected expenditures that will dent our already tight budget.

Bible Verse #1: Righteousness

I've been wanting to post Bible verses for ages but didn't have any idea on how to present them. Because I love taking pictures of nature and other beautiful things, and I'm into graphics, I thought why not tap into these resources? So here's my first ever Bible verse using one of the pictures I've taken before. Please come back to check on God's words and feel free to copy/save these verses (which will be posted every other Saturday) and share with others.

And now that I've finally posted one verse, I'm happy that I've used again the talent and resources God has given me to spread His word. Thank you, Lord.