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I Miss the Ayala Triangle Gardens

My Eid vacation started last Thursday. Companies and schools here close for a week or less, depending on the management's decision. As for the four of us, we either go out at night when the malls open or just laze around watching movies and reading books when our chores are done. This free time is the reason I get to post two stories in a week. Being a working mom with no nanny, that is already an achievement for me! My blog maybe is the slowest blog you have ever visited and read. So please bear with me.

I may forego blogging for more important tasks but I don't forget my promises on my posts. I've promised that I will post our vacation pics. We weren't able to go somewhere far because summer has almost ended when we arrived and the intermittent rain dampened our enthusiasm to stroll or go somewhere interesting. Or maybe, I was just  afraid the kids might catch cold before our flight back here.

So after service one Sunday, I decided to bring my kids to Ayala Triangle Gardens which is less than a kilometer away from our house. It's perfect because I wanted to see so much green, enjoy nature and not worry about going home just in case the rain pours.

Ayala Triangle Gardens on a Sunday means less people. There were less cars on the road so I had all the walkways to capture for myself.

On the way home, one of the garden's maintenance staff asked if we wanted to take home this little bird. He found it lying on the grass, looking weak. As much as we want to take it home, we cannot. We had to leave in two weeks and we didn't have any idea who wanted to take care of it. The maintenance staff decided to bring it home instead. Poor bird.

I like Ayala Triangle Gardens and the arch of Makati Stock Exchange building a lot that months before our flight last year, I took these night shots. I didn't mind the rain falling lightly on me. I was more concerned in capturing the beautiful reflection staring at me that night. I just wished I went there on a Christmas season when there is a Light and Sound Show. Maybe someday.

I honestly miss our life back home. I miss enjoying the abundance of trees and greens. I miss the smell of its earth after the rain. I miss sitting in one of its parks' benches, with nothing to do but just while away the time. I miss taking pictures of places and buildings without worrying whether it's allowed or not. Maybe for now, I will just content myself with sharing with you our vacation there. And when we go home again, I'll make sure to travel farther to enjoy my country's well-known beauty better.


Enchie said…
Hi Beth! I love the images you took, especially the last one with the reflection. I've never been back sa Ayala triangle lately, I like to go soon your photos are very inspiring.
Beng Gee said…
We pass by this park everytime we visit my brother's family who lives in Valero Plaza. Likewise, hubby's office is just a stone's throw away from it. The place is truly peaceful on weekends.
Awesome, crisp and clear shots! Pwede ka na mag-sideline as prof. photog. Galing!

Have a blessed day Beth!
Beth said…
Thanks, Enchie! I think the pic with the reflection would look better if the rain fell a little harder and wet all the floor - to complete the reflection. But I decided to just shoot because I may never have the time again. Good thing, it turned out okay. As for the day shots, I just used my mobile phone on those pics. Thanks for dropping by, Enchie!
Beth said…
Thanks for the compliment, Ate Beng. Did you know that I just used the cam from my mobile phone on those day shots? I just hoped that they will turn out okay and they did. :) I didn't have shots of us eating in one of the garden's restos because the kids like eating at the food chains in Landmark. When we come back there, I'll try at least two :)
Farida said…
I rarely go to this part of the metropolis except for work purposes. I know I'm missing a lot but somehow I'm thankful that we live very near another CBD.

These are nice shots and Makati has consistently evolved through the years.
For some reason these photos, especially the gardens remind me so much of Hong Kong! You did so well getting those shots with a mobile phone camera. I don't think you should be apologetic about the posting - sometimes I only manage a post a week! :)
Beth said…
Yes, it has evolved and for the better. I was born and raised in Makati so I know how it looked like ages ago. hehehe.

Thanks for the visit, Ida! :)
Dhemz said…
wow, I just realized these photos were taken in the neat and green....thanks for sharing teBeth...hope all is well...sorry it took me so long to visit you back.
Beth said…
Yes, I'm loving my mobile phone! (and it's not an Iphone - though I would love to own one!)

And about my posting, I'm so slow. Because most of the time, I spent my blogging minutes just reading blog posts. I learn so much from them, including the ones from your blog. Have a nice day, Vanisha!
Beth said…
Don't be sorry, Dhemz. I also don't get to visit other people's blogs that often. Yes, these pics were taken in the Phils. Nakakamiss dun no?

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