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On Moving and Moving On

I spoke too soon when I said that I almost mastered the art of moving. There’s no art in moving unless we sort our belongings according to colors or sizes, which no one, not even I in my OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) state, will ever do anyway. And we usually pack our stuff according to function, purpose, or area where they would be used, right?

And I thought I know a lot about moving. I was so wrong. No one is ever prepared for packing, loading, moving, unloading, and organizing things again. It is very stressful given the fact that we also had to transfer to the new house the other stuff from the garage, living room, dining room and the kitchen which we share with other occupants. Fatigue and exposure to dust got the better of Fred and me. After the transfer, I had severe cough and body pains and had to phone in sick from work for a day.

Although moving, like most forms of change, can bring out the best and worst in people, I’m glad I’ve seen moments and gestures worthy of remembering. And I would like to thank those friends who gave their time and energy to help us.

Those friends who exerted effort although they’re already too tired from work or got late from their weekend schedule of online chats with loved ones in the Philippines.

Those friends who tirelessly cleaned the new house.

That friend who didn’t mind his tonsillitis and dust allergy at that time to help us clean the old and the new house.

That couple who dropped by and brought a big casserole of hot Macaroni Soup.

Fred’s employer who lent their delivery truck and their driver who drove it and waited patiently for us to finish loading and unloading.

If there is really an art in moving, these friends just gave color to it.

And the night before we finally returned that house to its owner, we dropped by to do and get some things. Fred and I both instantly felt we would be missing that house for a long time! Although now void of pieces of furniture and accessories, it still boasts of airiness, coziness and that unexplainable homey feel. I guess, there are just houses that make you feel you’re always home, and there are houses that are just like that, houses.

I love that house and if I could only ask the owner to live somewhere else and let us continue our stay there, I would. Ridiculous thing to do, I know. So I didn't. Anyway, for the love of that house, I took shots of some of its parts just so I will remember how it looks like someday.

The owner must love paintings so much that he has a number of them around the house. And he has great taste!

I’m glad we’re finally done and over with moving. Now, it's time to shake the dust off our feet and move on.


Jocelyn Vasquez said…
Hi Beth,

That's really one of the hardest things of living here in Riyadh when you have to move from one house to another. In our four years here, I can say that we are still lucky that we only transferred house twice. But above all, the very good thing is, we got to know and realize that we have true friends who are always there in times of need.

Have a blessed day!

Farida said…
I would admit, the house is furnished gorgeously! I hope you have all settled to your new house and have rested your weary bodies too. Take care Beth :)
Beth said…
You are right, Josie. We're blessed to have helpful friends. Thanks for dropping by! :)
Beth said…
Yes, I really love that house!!! I won't forget that in years. Thanks for the concern, Ida. And for dropping by always. :)
Moti kachlon said…
Really it's vey amazing thanks a lot for sharing its.

Movers in DC
Chris said…
I want to try to live in another country. Since the kids are still homeschooling... this is something that I really want to try. I believe that it would make one appreciate God and His blessings even more. I know it is difficult but I really wonder if this is where God is leading us next...
Beth said…
Just pray for it, Chris. Living in another country has its pros and cons. If the pros outweigh the cons, then go for it. The important is the four of you are together.

If you really want to try it, go for family-friendly countries such as Australia and NZ. Honestly, I dream of migrating there. But this is where God placed us.

Have a nice day, Chris!

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