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Bible Verse #2: In Times of Stress

I'm beginning to believe that I have mastered the art of moving. Since we came here in KSA last year, we've moved to two houses already and now, we're moving again. Our search for a new house ended when God provided one that's near to grocery stores, remittance centers, and my kids' school. It isn't too far from my workplace and its proximity to two hospitals will give me the chance to walk and flex those leg muscles again.

With moving comes the stress of packing things, mentally organizing things which are least used and which should go. With moving also comes the expenses like the rent and the purchase of furniture and appliances. Like the split-type aircon we needed to buy for our new room which amounted to SR1,700 (Php 18,000++ / US$ 450++).

Because we're still a little new here, we haven't really settled. Really settled for me means we already bought all the things we need for the house. Compared to others who have been living here for more than five years and have completed their appliances already, we haven't. Aside from those need-to-buy things, we still have to pay so many things here and in the Philippines - the kids' tuition fees (which are more than twice their fees back home), our monthly amortization for our house (click here to see how it looks like - yes, I'm proud of it), the rent for our other house in the city (which we're planning to let go once we've transferred our things), among others.

But I am not worrying. I know God will provide. Financially, yes. And I know He will also give me unfailing love, a sound mind and the power to do all the things He wants me to do. Thank you, Lord.


momto8blog said…
good for you! and congrats on your house. do not worry! God understands and knows..take your cares to the manager!!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
Brenda said…
Hi! I'm a new follower from MBC. Thanks for the reminder to always look for the positive in situations. I've been trying to do that lately every night as the last entry in my journal, but I never thought about adding a Scripture, what a great idea!
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth...thanks for sharing. Just the encouragement that I also need. di rin madali ang pinagdadaanana namin ngayon but I keep on praying and I know that God will provide. Mwahh! Miss na kita.

Jo Santos
Farida said…
I'm glad you found a place where everything seems convenient. Also, since you and your family are not really planning to stay there permanently, having the basics at home is sufficient I think :)

Would you please share the location of the house and lot you purchases here? My brother's family are in search for one. Maybe I could share this info to them. Regards :)
Pearl said…
Hello Beth,
Thank you for visiting my site. I know how stressful it is to move, and in your case, quite a lot of moving. Don't compare your house with others. Your house is your home, so I am sure, even if it's not yet completely furnished, it is still the best for you. Thanks for being positive. It's an inspiration.
xoxo, Pearl
Anonymous said…
I am Blessed by this Blog Page God Bless you dear

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