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Homemade Power Bar

Did you ever feel an itch to do something you've always wanted but didn't have the resources for it? That's exactly what I feel right now. I've always wanted to bake because I have a love-hate relationship with brownies and anything sweetly baked. I love them so much that I could eat a panful but I hate what it does to my body afterward. I really wanted to try baking but sadly, I don't have an oven yet. We're planning to buy one, just the table top kind, next month or when we're kinda settled in our new house here. I just hope there won't be unexpected expenditures that will dent our already tight budget.

There's no reason not to bake here. The dry ingredients are aplenty and most of them are affordable. The fruits suitable for baking such as apples, dates and peaches are always available. The recipes are just a click or tap away, and whenever I ask my friends to email me the recipes of the food that they post in FB, they are always willing to share.

For the meantime, while I don't have an oven yet, I tried this no-bake power bar because we had an overflowing supply of dates last Ramadan. They were given freely on roads, by Fred's boss and other friends. I brought some of the bars to my workplace and my male workmates liked it.

These power bars are rich in nutrients that helped us last the day:

Oats are rich in fiber.

Apricots are rich in iron which prevents iron deficiency anemia and potassium which is essential for good heart function and muscle contraction.

Walnuts and their oils are good sources of alpha-linoleic acid  (ALA) that strengthens bones.

Dates are rich in sugar for added energy and tannins which prevents infection and muscle inflammation.

Honey contains glucose which boosts energy and prevents fatigue.

Homemade Power Bar
You need:
1/2 cup oatmeal, toasted
1 cup dried apricots, cubed
1 cup walnuts, chopped
1 cup almonds, chopped
2 cup dates, pitted and chopped
1 tbsp. honey (optional), to bind

Put the dates in a blender and pulsate until the dates are pasty. Transfer dates to a bowl and mix all the ingredients using your hands. Place the mixture in a plastic or cellophane to mold. Refrigerate for about 20-30 minutes before cutting to desired sizes. Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
Hi Beth, nice to see that you'll be into baking soon...these bars really look nice...

Jo Santos
Beth said…
Hi Jo,
Please naman magblog ka na so you can share with other your culinary skills. :)
Anonymous said…
Hello, gurl...plano ko talaga yan,,,wala lang talaga time...dami dami ko iniisip... dami ko gusto ikwento sa yo...haayyy...dinadaan ko nalang ang lahat sa dasal..Minsan I am crying silently...pero sabi ko nga kaya namin eto, mahirap lang talaga sa umpisa, but amazingly God always provides...

Beng Gee said…
Hi Beth! Nice to hear that you've found a better place for the family. Looks like you are on the road to a much brighter future.

Yummy power bar! Drool! I want to make some but the ingredients seem rare in local groceries.

Stay happy and well! God bless!

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