May 28, 2013

My Dream at the City of Dreams

After our visit to The Venetian Macau, we headed to The City of Dreams which I forgot to ask my Macau-based friend why it was aptly named. Maybe, because of its dream-like beauty. Or maybe, because people who've gone there dream of going back there again. I'm one of them.

May 19, 2013

The Beauty of The Venetian Macau

While it took me a while to think of an opening statement for my Macau vacation posts, I still didn't come with a fitting one. So I dug deep into my thoughts and finally just told myself to be honest. And so here goes:

May 4, 2013

Tea: I Like, I Dislike

Though loaded with work and sometimes forget to enjoy a decent lunch (which results to bingeing later in the night, but that's another story), there's a whim I enjoy every work day. I can have tea or coffee anytime I want to without making one. That's because we have a tea boy who makes them for us. He also brings us glasses of water whenever asked and buys our snacks from the nearby store.  I know we're pampered, to a fault. The office isn't the same without our teaboy. We can live without him, but it's just different when he's there.