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Tea: I Like, I Dislike

Though loaded with work and sometimes forget to enjoy a decent lunch (which results to bingeing later in the night, but that's another story), there's a whim I enjoy every work day. I can have tea or coffee anytime I want to without making one. That's because we have a tea boy who makes them for us. He also brings us glasses of water whenever asked and buys our snacks from the nearby store.  I know we're pampered, to a fault. The office isn't the same without our teaboy. We can live without him, but it's just different when he's there.

Although I dislike tea because I don't like the bitter taste of dried leaves, I asked our tea boy to make one for me one day. Maybe, it's in the lemon. Or maybe it's in the time of the day. Or maybe it's in the brand. But I decided that day to start drinking a cup of green tea everyday. I need to be healthy again, start exercising, and eat healthy foods. I'm not getting any younger and I need to take care of myself, even if it meant doing (that's exercise!) and taking in something I don't like.

To welcome that healthy outlook, a friend gave me this Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray. I was only asking her the best store or place to buy perfume here in Riyadh but she instead gave me this spray. Its clean, fresh, light scent perks me up and kind of energizes me, especially at the office. The scent just doesn't last long, though.

And to seal that just blossomed love for anything tea related, a client asked me to design his tea variants for his coffee shop. So I searched online for free images of tea and found these creative teabags (first image). Pure genius, especially the penguin teabag holder with timer. The Royal teabag holder is a good conversation starter for guests, right? I am so raring to make a personalized one. One that has the face of Fred and me. Really.

But for the meantime, I asked Gabby to make me a well that will hold and lift my teabag when I'm done steeping the tea. So he immediately made one for me out of his bricks and came out with this. I so like it. 

I'm beginning to believe that tea has its good effects on me, even if I just started drinking and smelling like it. If bonding with my son while creating that well is one clear proof, then steep on I will!

*Cute teabag holders I found here and here


Farida said…
Gabby is such a genius! But I certainly don't know how to drink tea. I can't appreciate it except for the cold ones bought in the mall that are quite pricey.
MJ Tam said…
Thanks for visiting! I really appreciate the nice comment that you left. Come back again soon.
Mylene said…
This is the first time I heard of a teaboy :)

Creative teabag holder :D

Thanks for the visit Ms. Beth.
Missy said…
The tea holders are cute but your son is the unique one hehehe. I still have that green tea by Elizabeth Arden too, I rarely use it but I like the smell, it's light. I'm not a fan of tea too but sometimes I try to drink once in a while as long as green tea ;-) So what did you design for your clients then? just curious hehehe
Beth said…
I don't like tea too! As in I almost vomit when I drink them hot. But there are things I have to do, for health sake. I also like the cold ones bought in the mall. But I specifically like the red tea from Yoshinoya there. :)
Beth said…
Thanks for returning the visit, MJ. I'll try to drop by when I have time again. Thanks!
Beth said…
Me, too. Had I not come here in Riyadh, I wouldn't have heard of a teaboy. There are teaboys who are all-around, meaning they also clean the office, etc but there are also teaboys who just makes tea for other employees and guests.

Thanks for the visit, Mylene.
Beth said…
Hi Missy, I design brochures, flyers, logos and other marketing and promotion materials.

I like EA Green Tea. It just doesn't last long, though.
Reena said…
I don't like drinking too. I'm a coffee person! :)

Hey, i have the same Elizabeth Arden perfume too. I still have one bottle left, then my Mom gave me another exact same perfume as a gift so now I have two. You are right about its scent that it doesn't last long kaya I overspray myself. Haha. But my favorite scent is D&G's Light Blue.
Beth said…
I am a coffeeholic, just like you. Sarap kasi e.

I like EA perfume pero dali mawala ang scent so nag-rereapply ako more often than necessary hahaha. Did they really create EA Green Tea that way so people would buy more? hehehe, just asking. :)
Finn Felton said…
I am a coffee drinker. I do not like such type of drink.

Finn Felton
Kopi Luwak

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