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The Beauty of The Venetian Macau

While it took me a while to think of an opening statement for my Macau vacation posts, I still didn't come with a fitting one. So I dug deep into my thoughts and finally just told myself to be honest. And so here goes:

Would it be shameful to admit that my three-day tour to Macau two years ago was my first out of the country? At first, I didn't want to admit to friends who keep asking me if I've already been to this country or this tourist destination, or worse, if I've traveled abroad. I either change the topic just so I won't lie, or I just return the question. But later on, when some true friends who don't measure me up by the number of countries stamped on my passport told me they haven't traveled abroad or even boarded an airplane yet, I felt grateful and proud. Small feat for some. Big feat for me.

My high school friends and I came to Macau via Cebu Pacific. Though it was my fourth plane ride already, I was excited for the tour because I was also anticipating our travel to Riyadh two months after. That Macau flight was the first of the many international flights I took in going here and will still take as we go on vacation to the Philippines.

Our Macau-based high school classmate Jingo served as our tourist guide and photographer. Upon his suggestion, we went to The Venetian Macau on Day One. We thought it was a smart thing to do for tourists. When you are in a country or tourist destination, go to the popular spots first before your energy burns out, or your resources runs out (or gets lost/misplaced/or worse, stolen), or your tourist guide leaves you for work which happened to us on Day Three, or it rains which happened on Day Two.

After taking pictures and shopping for some items, we didn't linger anymore and proceeded to The City of Dreams.

Just asking (and not counting your country stamps), what is the first local or abroad tourist destination you've been to?


Farida said…
This is my dream destination! I'd love to experience the Venetian ambiance and it's closer to the Philippines too. I hope I could take my parents there too! :)
Photo Cache said…
macau is a good destination for a first time out of the country vacation. i've never been there, i'd like to someday when i finally get to stay in hongkong for a few days (just dream). your pictures show how identical the venetian in vegas is to the venetian in macau. i've seen the one in vegas, so i'd probably skip this one when and if i go there.
Tita Beng said…
Naku, may ganung factor pala sa 'yo Beth?! You're more fortunate pa nga coz you were able to travel outside the country at a younger age. Ako kasi medyo late na nung nagka-chance to travel abroad. But very grateful pa rin kasi now, I take advantage of every opportunity that I get. MInsan nga lang, naba-busted. hehe..

But look at that place you've been to! Bongga!At di lang isa, kung saan-saan pa! I wish I could visit that place too one of these days.

Be well and have a great day, Beth!
Mommy Liz said…
Ang gaganda naman ng mga photos na yan. dream ko rin maka visit sa mga beautiful places eh, wala lang chance, kasi walang budget, hahaha!. Long time no hear. Thanks so much for the visit sa blog ko. Nag active ka uli sa blogging? or di lang kita na visit. Kumusta naman ang life dyan?
Insurance blog said…
that was nice! awesome scenery
Reena said…
I haven't been to Macau yet. Lucky you! If I can only travel as often as I could, I would but I am financially challeneged right now. Haha. So I'll save up first.

I can't remember my first local destination but most probably somewhere in Mindanao because that's where I was born and my family would often take roadtrips to davao and Gensan.

As for international travel, my first woulld be our family trip to HK in 1998! Haha. Wala pang Disneyland dati but it was very memorable.
Beth said…
Yes, it's such a beautiful tourist destination. You may try the Cebu Pacific promos, Ida. They offer cheap flights to Macau. I think the best time to go there is before summer (before April).
Beth said…
But if you're already there, you may still want to try checking it out. It's free anyway. BUT you should never skip City of Dreams and its water shows. Amazing!
Beth said…
Hahaha, I know kung anong trip na yan na nabusted. Don't worry, it will push through someday.

I love to travel, Ate Beng. If only I have the resources, naku, I would've gone to all my dream destinations.
Beth said…
I've never been to HK, Reena. Only glimpses because HK is often the stopover of our flights to Manila and back here. And just like you, I'll save up first. :)

You know what, I would really love to visit Mindanao, esp the famous Lake Sebu and Dakak.

Beth said…
Lahat naman yata tayo dream mamasyal e. Wish lang natin we have the resources. :) It's always the budget constraints that hinder us from going to places.

Life is ok naman, Liz. Take care!

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