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My Dream at the City of Dreams

After our visit to The Venetian Macau, we headed to The City of Dreams which I forgot to ask my Macau-based friend why it was aptly named. Maybe, because of its dream-like beauty. Or maybe, because people who've gone there dream of going back there again. I'm one of them.

The City of Dreams is home to different high end shops and the famous Hard Rock Hotel Macau. Since our friend works there, we were able to chat with their bartenders and linger at their lounge.

Beautiful inverted drops adorn the ceilings.

Before you reach the Hard Rock Hotel, you will be greeted by this awesome drumstick relief.

A creatively thought of  Hard Rock mark.

The Hard Rock Hotel Macau reception.

We didn't taste these yummy treats. But I would love to!

The famous egg tarts of Macau

Taken from the Hard Rock Hotel Souvenir Shop

The City of Dreams offers spectacular shows I would love my kids to watch! My former officemate who've watched The House of Dancing Water show told me it's just extraordinary. We watched the Dragon Treasure show and left asking ourselves, "How did they do that?!"

Me at the VIP lane of The Bubble. Here's how to get tickets to the Dragon's Treasure show.

Part of the amazing 360° Dragon Treasure show

I like these water show so much.
I really enjoyed the City of Dreams, especially the Dragon Treasure show.

As for my dream of bringing Fred and the kids there, that would have to wait until we have saved enough money. For all the oohs and aahs and the feeding of visual appetite the City of Dreams offer, I believe it's money well spent.


Beng Gee said…
Ay, talaga naman, pati ako napapa-ooh and ahh sa ganda ng City of Dreams! Kasing ganda nung lady dun sa VIP Waiting Lounge signage!
Drool pati ako sa tarts. Sarap! Kelan kaya ako makarating dyan? Wish ko lng!

Btw, Beth, nasama sa pag-delete yung comment mo sa Must see in Fuenteventura post ko. Wala na sya nung ni re-publish ko.
Beth said…
Ate Beng, if your plan to go to HK finally pushes through, you can take a ferry to Macau for a day tour. It's like hitting two birds with one stone, di ba? :)

Sarap ng tarts na yan, Ate Beng.

Photo Cache said…
i've never had a good tart, or maybe my taste buds just don't like egg tarts. i loved the egg pies in PI though.

would love to hit macau and more of hk next time - god willing.
Missy said…
First time to see that city of dreams looks interesting the inverted droplets are so cute, nice shot by the way. I hope I can visit Macau someday, maybe when I retire hahaha
Farida said…
The photos look very good! I'm sure it looks even better in person. I wonder how many drum sticks were consumed for that piece of art?

Btw, I tagged you in a meme, I hope you won't mind :D
You may email me to get the A-Z list since my blog is right click protect at

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