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Pizza Overload

If I would count the number of pizza slices and flavors that we had the past two weeks, I'd say we have eaten enough for two months. It just happened. Someone treated us to a pizza, or the pizza store is the one nearest to us when we got hungry, or we just didn't like the choices of food stores in the mall that we've gone to.

There are many pizza stores here but I believe one shouldn't eat that delicious Italian staple three days in a row (which we also did!). You're either carbo-loading (which is good if you're preparing for a marathon) or you're stuffing yourself with too much sodium, which may result to fluid retention or bloating.

Not in the pictures are the other pizzas which were given in slices so we didn't know what brands they are.

As if we haven't had enough, I even made some for us one night when I was too tired from work and just the thought of preparing a vegetable and meat dish made me all the more tired. So I resorted to making something quick, yet still delicious and healthy: the 100% halal (no pork) homemade pizza. It's made from spaghetti sauce (which I made the day before), chicken hotdog slices, pineapple cubes, bell pepper, onions, mozzarella cheese and dashes of dried basil. For the crust, I just used fatir, a flat bread sold in supermarkets.

Fred and the kids liked this a lot. And so did our flatmates. I was able to control its sodium content and the bread was made from barley flour, which controls blood sugar level.

And as for the overload, I don't think we'll ever do that again. Maybe next holiday season again?


Sinder Ella said…
That home made pizza looks awesome!
Making me hungry!
Beth said…
It tasted good, too. Thanks for dropping by, Sinder Ella!
Manong Unyol said…
yummy... i like pizza...
Rizalenio said…
Pizza! I love PIZZA!!!

Happy New Year! All the best this 2013! :)
Beth said…
Wow, I didn't know I have comments I haven't replied to yet. Thanks for visiting, Renante.
Beth said…
Happy 2015! :) Sorry for the super late reply!

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