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Holiday in Riyadh Zoo

I have been asking Fred to bring us to the zoo here for the longest time but he didn't have the time because he has work on Thursdays, which is my rest from work and the kids' rest from school. Last Christmas, my Tunisian boss, who's kind of making up for the fit he had on me the day before, told me I could have the Christmas day off so I can be with my family. Wow, that was one making up any employee would like to hear from their boss! Fred on the other hand, was also allowed to stay with us. Yay again!

We checked online to see if Riyadh Zoo is open for families on Tuesdays and it is! It opens at 8:30 am for men and one o'clock in the afternoon for families.Click here to check the schedules for families, ladies and men.

The best time to go there is in winter months when the animals are not hiding from the heat of the sun and before feeding time which is I think between four to five o'clock. There were many animals that we lost count of all the species. There were animals we've seen for the first time such as the leopard, lynx, racoons, hyenas, wolves, dingoes, kangaroos, bactrian camels and victoria crowned pigeons.

I'm glad Fred finally gave in to my request to take the day off and accompany us in visiting this zoo. The commune with animals temporarily took our minds away from work. Fred said we'll do that again. Give in to my whim and do impromptu stuff, that is.


Kulengkleng said…
I always love to go to the zoo.
You're a good photographer. All pictures are great!
Happy New Year!
Beng Gee said…
The zoo looks very well maintained. Haven't heard of Saudi's zoo before, only now. Awesome shots Beth!

Bait naman ni Fred taking a day off just to bring you and the kiddos to the zoo. I'm sure it was a relaxing day for all.

Have a great first week of the year!
Beth said…
Thanks, K! I also love going to zoos. Especially well-maintained ones. And regarding the pictures, my cam's and phone's batteries were depleted in the middle of our tour so I just used a 2mp phone camera. Good thing most of the pictures turned out well.

Happy New Year, too!
Beth said…
It's clean. And there were many staff to clean up visitors' trash. The animals are well-fed, too. The only thing I don't like is the cage of the eagles which are capable of flying long distances. The cage, though already big in size, is still too small for them.

Have a great week, too Ate Beng!
Sonyboy Fugaban said…
My plan for this is still a plan. Anyway, I just want you know I am stunned with the pictures (the fountain, zebras, flamingos, etc.).

Regarding the eagles, ganyan din sa Manila Zoo natin. I don't think their cage suits their needs to that effect.

Sonyboy Fugaban said…

Happy New Year to you and your family, Beth.

Cheers to a healthier lifestyle this 2013!
Beth said…
Coming from someone who takes good pictures, that is a compliment! Thanks, Sonyboy!

And as for the eagles, and all animals for that matter, I don't think they should be caged or put in the zoo. I've talked to veterinarians before regarding this, and they told me that it's not right for them to be in the zoo or taught tricks. It's not in their instinct. BUT most of them agreed that sometimes, it's better for them to be there (in the zoo) than to be in the wild and be the preys of hunters (man or animals).
Beth said…
Thanks! Yes to a healthier lifestyle! (hehehe. I hope so.) I really need to discipline myself this 2013. Thanks for the reminder. :)
SunnyToast said…
Its been year the last time I visit a zoo and I love this idea christmas in the zoo..for a change.. those flamingos are lovely want to take them home:)

Wishing you a good year ahead!
Beth said…
Thank you Beth for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

The photos from the zoo are spectacular.

I am becoming your newest follower.

Beth Marie
Farida said…
This is a beautiful place! Though I've matured in years, my fascination with zoos will always be there. It is a place where I am able to witness in person the many animals I only see in the tube, in magazines or in the net and there are many new learnings every time I visit one.

Happy New Year dear Beth. Thanks for the friendship though virtual *warm hug
Enchie said…
Hi Beth! I've never been to the zoo with my family lately... your post reminded me to make it as our next weekend activity, and this time, with my youngest. Happy New Year Beth, wishing you and your family all the best.
Reena said…
Happy new year!

First question. Bakit walang katao-tao yung zoo? :) Pero okay narin para u have the entire compound to yourselves!

I like elephants a lot! But the seal looks so cute too. Is he sleeping?

Good thing your boss made you take a leave. Nakonsensya ba? Haha
Beth said…
The animals are spectacular, that's why. Thanks for dropping by, too Beth Marie!
Beth said…
We went there just at exactly 1pm, the opening time. There were few families, I guess about three lang. And maganda talaga pumunta dun ng ganun time kasi we had the zoo to ourselves.

I'm not sure if he is sleeping pero looks like e. Parang mga lazy mga animals dito sa zoo na to. :D

And about the boss, oo. Nakonsensya siya. Buti naman hehehe. Pero siguro din kasi medyo westernized/modern na na siya. So he knows that Christmas is important to us Filipinos. :)
Beth said…
Yes, those flamingos are lovely. I took so many shots of them, esp when they were sleeping, when they tuck their heads in their necks. I just didn't post it here.

Wishing you a blessed year ahead, Sunny Toast!
Beth said…
Yes, Ida. That's one beautiful place. And like what you've said, I've seen there the animals that I only see online or in printed materials.

Thanks for the visit, Ida! Will visit you in a while...
Beth said…
I know how much your family love to visit the zoos!:) I've read your posts about it. It would be more fun this time with Mikee around. :)

Thanks for dropping by, Enchie. Have a happy week!
Missy said…
First time to visit your blog and looks interesting to see photos from different parts of the world, the zoo looks nice.
Beth said…
Hi Missy,
The zoo is very nice and clean, really. And we had the zoo to ourselves because we went there early.

Thanks for visiting my blog, Missy! Hope to see you here again!

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