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No Bake Cheese Cake with Fresh Strawberries

While it should still be winter here, the temperature rose to around 24-26°C the last few days. This borrowed summer made me miss the chilly mornings when the shrill ring of the alarm clock isn't enough to jolt me (because I usually go back to bed and snooze for a few more minutes) and the warm water from the shower wakes me up more than it cleans my body.

And since it's a bit hot, I decided to make something perfect for summer and something that's delicious, easy and the kids will love. The No Bake Cheese Cake. I just copied the recipes online such as this from my favorite baking site, Bakerella and this from Best Recipes and made do of what I have in the kitchen. And although I believe that the result was perfect for a first-timer like me, there were still things I should've done or should'nt have done to make this more delicious. And maybe next time, I'll try the layered ones - the crust first, then cheese mixture, then a layer of graham crackers then cheese mixture again, then the toppings.

I also realized one thing. It doesn't have to be summer and hot to make me do this again. And the weather doesn't have to be perfect to wake up early and exercise (after all these sweets)! I won't blame the weather anymore (or use it as an excuse not to do things), and instead get up, do what I've been putting off, and enjoy God's blessings!


Beng Gee said…
Wahh.. nakagawa ka na ng Cheese Cake, ako hindi pa rin!! Hahaha.. Inggit ako! I so love this Beth! How lovely your picture especially the bright color of strawberry! Just by the looks of it,I'm sure, it's super masarap talaga!

Alam mo ba na I should have done it last Xmas with the complete ingredients here, pero iba ang nabuo ko. Tiramisu ang lumabas. Lol!

Happy eating Beth! Can I have a share? hehe..
Reena said…
This looks so yummy! I used to make these too kasi may nabibili sa grocery na no bake cheesecake din eh. I miss "baking" that. Gagawa nga ako soon!

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