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Tagaytay One Fine Day

I didn't know what came into me but I was feeling a little bored one morning while at work. Maybe, it was the monotonous task assigned to me. Or maybe it was the overcast sky suggesting a brewing sandstorm. Bored and gloomy, I decided to call my Abu Dhabi-based BFF and chat for a little while.

When she came home for a vacation last year, they treated us to a day tour of Tagaytay. It was her treat to her family but since she considers us family, we tagged along. It wasn’t my first time there but it was the kids’. Gabby and Sunday have been asking us for the longest time to bring them to Tagaytay so when their Tita BFF invited them, they were so excited. Too bad, Fred was already in Riyadh then.

I totally forgot that Tagaytay is considered as the second summer capital of the Philippines. The cold wind was blowing hard when we arrived and I forgot to bring the kids’ jackets. They didn’t seem to mind though. Upon arriving at the Picnic Grove, they ran off, left me without a word, excited and happy to finally have their simple wishes granted.

The kids had fun climbing low trees, lying on the grass, making new friends, and bonded with the nieces and nephews of Tita BFF which made me happy and proud.

It was alright for the kids that they didn't see the Taal Volcano clearly. But not for me. I expected to take a clear picture of it. Some other time maybe.

I was tempted to try the ZipLine when Gabby wanted to but I wasn't brave enough at that time. I just told him we can try it someday when Fred is around.

It would be my first time to ride a cable car, too. But again, I didn't dare. Honestly, I don't have an utter fear of heights. I was just not in the mood for it. Maybe someday.

We headed to People's Park in the Sky after our picnic. Sadly, it isn't a tourist attraction anymore. It is already in dilapidated state. The unkempt interiors, rusty metal stairs and posts, and broken railings on the view deck pose dangers to day tour guests. If not for the scenic view of the Tagaytay Ridge and Taal Lake, we would have left earlier.

The view from the deck also revealed some sad truth: real estate developers were busy damaging the nature building residential condos. I just hope that when Gabby and Sunday visit someday, they wouldn't see denuded forests, paved roads, and landslides. To preserve that view for them, I took as much pictures of the Tagaytay Ridge as I can.

That was a well spent and much enjoyed day tour. The kids communed with nature and had fun under the sun. Surely, it was an unforgettable treat from their Tita BFF. And just reminiscing that already took the gloom from my day away.


Beng Gee said…
Reminiscing fun time in Tagaytay huh?! I'm sure you miss the place by now. hehe.. We were there last January while the weather was so much colder. Beautiful place indeed. Let's just hope that hills and mountains won't be totally flattened by developers for Gabby, Sunday, and all other kids' sake.

Btw, on messed-up blogs.. this is what I worry about. What happens when I go back using blogspot instead of own domain. So this is it! Missing posts and all. Omigosh! Hayyyz.. I think I should start putting up another one. I really regret deleting my Pink Blog so carelessly.

Anyway, thanks for the visit Beth! I hope there's no sandstorm there now. Enjoy the brand new week!
Beth said…
@Ate Beng: Yes, I really miss Pinas. I just hope I would be able to come back at least every two years after our vacation this year.

On messed up blogs, hayz, I didn't see it coming too. Too late. But I know I would be able to fix my AAE blog in no time. Thanks for the visit, Ate Beng! I appreciate it a lot! :)
Tetcha said…
Tagaytay is such a nice place. We love going there, too. Glad to hear your kids enjoyed your Tagaytay trip, Beth!
chubskulit said…
Awwww I am sure miss mo na rin ang Pinas hehehe. I love Tagaytay, I have been thre twice and would love to revisit again someday!

Thanks for letting me know aboiut this new baby and syempre follower mo na ako dito hehehe.
Beth said…
Yes, I would love to go there again. I just hope it's still cold there when we do. Thanks for dropping by. :)
Beth said…
Yes, I miss Pinas na. :)

Oo nga, this is a new baby. But I will fix the old one and take care of it also hehe. Thanks for following, Rose! You never change, you're still so supportive. :)
Farida said…
Tagaytay surely is a good place to relieve stress and tension from the metro together with family and close friends. Stay happy and blessed :)
Beth said…
Yes to that, Farida. I just hope it's still cool there when we come back :) Take care!!!
Enchie said…
As always, Tagaytay is one cool destination even for a short getaway. It's perfect because it's clean, peaceful and of course the cool climate. Don't worry, by the time you come back, Tagaytay is still the same...
Enchie said…
I'll add this new blog Beth :)thanks for visiting, I'm reconstructing (Sweet Nothings) with a new title kasi lots of milestones for the past 2 years. Thought that I needed a better title. And Congratulations!!!
Kulengkleng said…
It is a pity that every year more houses are built on the Tagaytay Ridge. Some people do not see the other consequences it can bring, if we do not take care of the nature.

Have a nice weekend!

Chris said…
When are you coming home to Pinas? :)
Beth said…
Yes, I hope Tagaytay stays cool.

Thanks for adding this in your links, Enchie. I will add your blog on the Blogs I Read page, too. I'll be visiting again to check on the kids :)
Beth said…
I'm sorry I didn't notice your comment at once. I agree with you. I just hope my children will still see the beauty of our countryside.
Beth said…
Hi Chris,
Maybe next summer, (2014), God willing.
My husband hasn't come home for three years already so we're aiming for next year. :)

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