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All in a Day's Fun

I didn't have time to blog last week because I spent it at work, house and other activities. If only I have more time, I would've done more things that I enjoy doing. And blogging is on top of that list, of course. But last Thursday, I did so many things I never thought I could accomplish in a day.

Fred has to bring us to his workplace at 2 pm to meet his employer. I work from 12 noon to 5 pm on Thursdays so I decided to work on a morning shift. I left home at past 8 am and tried to finish the work assigned for the day. I worried about how I will look for the meeting later. I know I must look presentable. So I asked one of my workmates if she can curl my hair before I leave. She readily said yes and in minutes, I was out of the door with freshly done, still hot curls.

Fred's workplace is located in Riyadh Industrial City 2, a hub for all things industrial and manufacturing. Like most industrial zones, it is far from the main residential areas of the city and if not for the light vehicular traffic, we wouldn't have made it to his workplace in less than an hour. But the travel was less boring because we got to see mosques, IKEA, shopping centers and more sand.

We met Fred's employer past 2 pm and he was kind, amiable, and funny! I wish I could have a boss like him. My husband is one blessed employee. And what I thought as just a courtesy visit became a short educational tour. We went down to the biscuit factory with the production manager acting as tour guide, explaining the processes along the way. Gabby and Sunday saw how ice cream cones are made, how pastries are baked, and how they are wrapped for distribution. And to complete the educational tour-field trip experience, we were given loot bags containing their products. It was so thoughtful of them.

Inside the biscuit factory

Free impromptu educational tour for the kids!

We left Fred's workplace past 5 pm because we had to attend a birthday party at the nearest resort. And when I say nearest, don't imagine it's just a stone's throw away. I just said nearest because it was the resort nearest to Fred's workplace. It is about 30 kms. from the city and it is so far that on the way there, we saw a sign that read End of Expressway. Beat that!

View on the way to the resort

We reached Al Yamamah Resort past 7 pm and was greeted by this famous Filipino icon! We were so surprised to find a jeepney here. Maybe a French national owns this, what do you think?

Gabby and Sunday with Erah, the celebrant

The parents of the celebrant rented a chalet with private pool so guests can frolic in the water to their liking.  And Gabby and Sunday did just that! After an hour of swimming, when I asked them to get out of the water so we can go home,  they told me they sorely miss Manila and its proximity to recreation areas and resorts.

We went home past 10 pm and reached the house almost midnight. It was a very tiring day but one I would want to experience again. We had fun, learned new things, made new friends, went to new places, and bonded with each other during this trip. Who would've thought you can do all that in a day?


chubskulit said…
Looks like adopt na dopt nyo na living there Beth. Do you guys speak in tagalog still or english or language na dyan?
Beth said…
We speak Tagalog pa din esp sa bahay. But when we're talking with other nationalities, we speak English.

As for the adapting, naku. medyo matagal pa yun. Iba pa din ang Pinas. Medyo mas carefree kasi dun e. :)
The looong day seemed worth! It was conspicuous on Gabby and Sunday's smile that manifested enjoyment and bewilderment. Did your kids bring home some biscuits?

By the way, the curls look good on you. Stay blessed!
Beth said…
Yes, Ida! I updated my post to mention the loot bags. Thanks so much for reminding me. :)

I would love to have those curls forever but sadly, it's just a temporary perm. I know salons offer that but I just don't have time for that yet.

Take care and have a happy week!
Chris said…
Hello! Nice to see your life there. Hope you and the kids are adjusting na! :D
Beth said…
Yes they do. They like it here already. :D
George said…
You certainly had a busy day! Thank you for sharing it with us. The biscuit factory tour sounded very interesting, as was the party at the resort. I enjoyed browsing through your posts.

Thank you for visiting my site.
Reena said…
hi beth! :) i followed your new blog. good to see you have seemingly adjustd to their way of life. it looks like a nice and stress free environment. hope to read more of your adventures there.
anney said…
Kamusta na kayo dyan Beth? For good na ba kayo dyan? Nakakatuwa namang makita yang jeep dyan! Mukhang sobrang enjoy ang mga kids sa swimming ah!
Hi Beth, Looks like you had a great time at the resort... What a nice family you have.

Those biscuits look delicious...

Sounds like you have recently moved there. What a nice place to explore!!!
Enchie said…
I experience the same thing. Magugulat na lang ako, I've done so much in one day. I think when it comes to family, you will never really notice the time and the load of activities given in a day.
Chatty said…
wow! looks like a really fun day for you and your family, Beth! The biscuit factory is so clean! :) BTW, the curls look good on you! :)
Beth said…
it looks like a nice and stress free environment if it isn't rush hour yet, reena. :) but compared there in Manila, Riyadh has less air pollution and less traffic. thanks for dropping by and following my blog, i appreciate it so much. take care!
Beth said…
my kids love swimming talaga, anney. as for the jeep, we were surprised nga upon seeing it e. Dun ko lalo napatunayan na madaming Pinoy dito sa KSA. thanks for dropping by! I dropped by your blog, ang dami mong readers!!! :)
Beth said…
Hi Betsy, yes we just came here last year. And we haven't explored much of the place because of our hectic schedule at work. I just hope we'll have some free time to explore, just like you and George.

Thanks for dropping by, Betsy.
Beth said…
Thanks for the compliment, Chatty! And yes, the biscuit factory is clean because they're applying for ISO certification, hehe. Thanks for dropping by and have a happy week, Chatty!
Beth said…
Yes, that's very true. Before you know it, the kids are already sleepy, and that's the only time you know the day is over. I think that's what moms really are. Esp. doting moms like us! :) Take enough sleep, Enchie. You need it. :)
Beth said…
It was a BUSY day and I had fun! Thanks for dropping by and browsing through my posts, I would certainly visit you and Betsy again. Have a nice day!
Beng Gee said…
reviewing your old posts, i can see that you are well adjusted to the new environment. you had such a busy day then, hectic but enjoyable. and yes, you're pretty curly hair looks good on you.

Beth said…
Thanks for checking out my old posts, Ate Beng. Riyadh is a beautiful city and I really want to explore it habang andito kami. So if me chance talaga like birthdays held sa malalayong resorts, etc. go kami agad. :)

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