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Cooking Our Way To Health

Call me outdated or so behind-the-times but that’s what I am when it comes to watching documentaries. It was just a few weeks ago when I watched the 2008 American documentary film Food, Inc. which changed the way I view fast food. Not that I didn’t know how unhealthy they are. I already know that from watching Supersize Me, the 12th highest-grossing documentary film of all time. Food, Inc. just validated my past knowledge of where fast foods come from, how they are treated, processed prepared, and in the end, inspired me that I can do something about the dilemma.

I didn’t promise myself that I won’t let my kids eat fast food anymore. In fact, we just ate some last night. They like Double Cheeseburger. McFlurry, and Mixed Vanilla and Chocolate Sundaes so much. We’ll just try to lessen our visits to these restaurants and eat meals cooked at home.

Since I am the cook in the family, I always browse the internet for recipes of meals that I want. Honestly, there are many simple dishes that I haven’t cooked yet. Just like this Chocolate Porridge or these Pancakes. I am really ashamed to admit this but before, I relied on boxed ready-to-cook food mixes from Pillsbury and White King. Now that we're all here, I’ve began trying to cook good meals as often as I can.

I am not aiming for anything gourmet because my broken shift at work gives me just enough time for easy to prepare meals. I only want dishes that are healthy, delicious and needs less-than-an-hour of cooking. Just like these variations of Pasta Scampi I cooked for our dinners. I just used the usual scampi sauce but altered and experimented on the ingredients, and dashed basil leaves and grated parmesan cheese on top of them.

I began to feel a good sense of pride every time I come up with something that look appetizing and worth sharing with neighbors. Something that would push them to ask how I cooked it after giving me back an empty, already cleaned plate. Or something Fred and the kids will finish. And more importantly, something that is nourishing.

But I also regret the missed chances of learning and applying culinary knowledge back home. It was easier to cook there. The veggies and fruits are FRESHER and MORE in variety, and the fishes and meats are just DAYS OR EVEN HOURS OLD from the sources. And they're CHEAPER!

But it's not too late to learn. I plan to make the most out of the situation and browse for more recipes that play with the ingredients available here. And I would still watch movies and documentaries about food. It is in watching them that I was enticed to cook healthy and started to feel good about myself.


Good Morning, Thanks for coming to my blog. You must be a fairly new blogger. SO--welcome!!!! I love blogging, and you will too...

I enjoyed reading about your delicious meals. My mother was an excellent cook --but I never had much of an interest in it. I did learn to cook --but never have enjoyed it as much as many others do. BUT--I love to EAT... ha ha

Have a great day.
Beth said…
hi betsy,
thanks for dropping by but I'm not a new blogger. My other blog is already four years old but I messed it up. My posts' links are broken and as much as I try to fix it, I can't anymore. I don't know why.

Anyway, thanks for the kind comment. I love to eat too! :)

Have a great day, Betsy!
Chatty said…
may isa ka pa palang blog, Beth. Anyway, congratulations on learning new dishes to cook for your family. They all look delicious and healthy! Keep it up! :)
Beth said…
Thanks Chatty! I've been cooking before but the usual Filipino dishes only. Now, I try to incorporate the ingredients available here in Saudi to our Pinoy dishes. :)

Have a nice day, Chat! :)
I enjoy eating and trying new dishes in restaurants. Some fast food items are hard to resist too... my, oh my! However cooking healthy dishes as well as choosing the freshest ingredients always give more benefit to our health.

Enjoy cooking Beth! :)
Beng Gee said…
Hello Beth! That pasta realy looks good! How I wish I am your neighbour so I get the chance to be handed a plate of your cuisine! hehe.. I'm sure Fred is extra ordinarily happy having you and the kids around him. Laging may masarap na luto for him. Any plan of having a vacation here in the Phils?

Have a wonderful weekend Beth! Ingat lagi!
Beth said…
Yes, I also love fast food, Ida! I love burgers, sundaes and apple pie. But after that, I appreciate the benefits of healthy dishes. :)
Beth said…
Ate Beng, when I cook just enough for the family, I sometimes feel guilty whenever I can't give some to my neighbors. :( So as much as possible, I try to cook more than what we can finish so I still have something to share with our flatmates. :)

Have a happy week ahead, Ate Beng!
Project Tara said…
Mmmm, those scampis look delicious. I'm trying to work my way into a vegan diet and I find trying new foods and dishes from new cultures always helps. Freshness is really key, isn't it? Have fun playing in the kitchen, and many thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.
Enchie said…
I so love this entry Beth! Everything looks good, too good that it's making me hungry. Love the pictures too ;)
Beth said…
I love anything fresh. And I'm still trying to explore this country's spices and produce. Thanks for dropping by and have a happy week!
Beth said…
Thanks for dropping by and for that sweet compliment, Enchie! I'm just a novice when it comes to cooking, not like you who's a master na! :) Have a happy week!

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