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A Winter Afternoon at Wadi Namar

I always try to seize the moment, especially when it spells t-r-a-v-e-l.

No one knows how long one stays in one place or how long a place stays for us. Take two of my dream destinations for example: Bohol and Samar. Natural calamities and manmade disasters have destroyed some attractions in these places. But here in Riyadh, the government is busy restoring and developing places that were neglected or taken for granted. I just hope we'll stay a little longer to enjoy these places.

I'm not sure how long we will be allowed to work here because labor laws are being drafted – and hopefully cancelled – regarding the maximum stay of expats here. For that and my love for travel, I decided to squeeze the most out of our time here and explore this wonderful city whenever we can.

Together with some friends, our family went to Prince Sattam Park one late Friday afternoon. The Wadi Namar Dam and the lake created from it is the main attraction of the park.

We wanted to go directly to the park but because getting lost is ALWAYS included in our travel itineraries, we reached the hill overlooking the lake first. God must've maneuvered our car to this hill because it led us to enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake and the warm hues of the sunset. Such a perfect combination for travel magazine-worthy pictures.

A big park signage presents the plans to put footpaths at the top of the dam and the hills overlooking the lake– that’s where we were in the pictures - to serve as seating areas for visitors. These footpaths will enable the park goers to enjoy the majestic view of the valley, the lake and the sunset (or the sunrise if you prefer to come in the morning) from the dam.

We knew it's time to change perspectives when we've taken pictures of the valley and the lake in all angles from where we were. So off we drove to the park and were greeted by long queues of cars looking for parking spaces. One tip here: if you can go there on weekdays, then do so. Reserve the park on Fridays for those who have all the time in the world to look for parking spaces. There will always be some but you can find them at the farthest part of the park.

Also, when you like peace and quiet, don't go there on a Friday. But if you are like us who enjoy the sight of kids running around the park in roller skates, families gathering for barbecue dinners, and more people just enjoying walking and sitting near the lake, then Friday it is for you.

We left past 6 PM to buy groceries for another long week ahead with our friends and later brought them home. After a car mishap, we reached home past 11 PM. So what are we doing in Wadi Namar that fine afternoon when we've so much to do then? We just enjoyed the view and simply seized the moment.

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Wadi Namar Dam/Prince Sattam Park Google Map Coordinates:
24.573775, 46.682850


Missy said…
Wow Wadi Namar looks interesting and the views are great. So are you moving there?
Beth said…
Hi Missy, it's still in Riyadh. It's just less than an hour ride from our house. The residents near Wadi Namar are blessed to have breathtaking views of the lake and the sunrise/sunset almost everyday. :)
Sonyboy Fugaban said…
This is the place that I was trying to wring out from John's mouth. I mean, we were trying to convince him to lead us to the place but he always tell he doesn't know and that he's afraid.

I fell in love with it the moment I saw John's profile pic, with this wadi in the background.

Is it really not advisable to reach the place by a cab?
Beth said…
You're right, Sony. Wadi Namar is so beautiful especially when viewed from the hill. I think it's okay to reach the place by a cab but one must really know the place especially the way to the hill. Our second time there? We still got lost! Hahaha.
Dexter said…
It is nice to see this blog. Very informative. :) Hope to visit this place probably kapag di na mainit
Anonymous said…
This is also open for bachelor or only for family? Thanks..
Beth said…
Hi Dexter, spring is the best time to visit Wadi Namar, or I think just before winter. We went there again last October. The weather was fine and we enjoyed it better. We fed the ducks!!! I would post those pics next time! Come back soon! :)
Beth said…
Hi Anonymous,
I think it's open for all. :) We saw groups of bachelor that were just seated looking at the lake. I took pics of them and would post them sometime soon! :)
The Google map coordinates you provided here was a great help. We went there last Saturday. :)
Hi! I linked your blog in my recent blog post here:

Hope it's alright. :)

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