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Macau Tour, Day Three

Our tour guide had to work on our third and last day in Macau so we had to fend for ourselves. Since we've been to almost all the places that was on our list, except the Go-Kart and the Macau Museum, we took our time and decided to just walk and explore Taipa by foot.

Residents from nearby condominiums are blessed to have this oasis. The blooming flowers, inviting benches, kois and turtles in the pond, and shady trees all make for a quick getaway from the hustle of city life.

We discovered a path filled with pebble stones, and people said walking there is therapeutic as the stones massage the feet and gauge a person's overall fitness. They said that only the healthy and fit would be able to walk this pathway all the way to the end. We thought it was a joke until we tried. First step, we knew we're healthy. Second, we knew we were a little unfit. Third, we knew we needed exercise. And fourth, we realized we were so unhealthy! Although the stones massaged our feet, they hurt.

Are you fit to finish walking this pathway?

Outside the walled garden

Our next stop was the Vila de Taipa. There were lots of restaurants there and we didn't have any idea which offers good food. In situations like these, we decided to just eat at a restaurant that serves food within our budget and has the most number of customers.

The Cozinha Pinocchio, one of the famous restaurants in Vila de Taipa. (We didn't eat there.)

We went to any shops that we could get our feet on and went home just in time to prepare for our flight back home. We went out again to meet our tour guide, ate dinner, and bought peking duck for pasalubong (gift or souvenir usually given by one arriving from a trip) to friends and family.

Outside the Macau International Airport.

And to cap off my Macau posts, let me leave you with these beautiful flowers my friends and I took shots of while on that trip.

Beautiful, aren't they? Just like Macau!

There were just many things I learned on that short trip. But only one that struck and stuck in me. That wherever and however far you go, you will always meet someone from your country to remind you of its own beauty and the warmth of its people. Just like the staff in the Giant Panda Zoo that tipped us when to enter the panda pavilion. Or the Macau Tower staff whom we asked about the time of the store opening. Or our tour guide and friend who took his time off to accompany us. Seeing them and talking to them adds up to the experience of being in another country.

It's seeing something and someone familiar that makes you feel at home even when you're not.


Farida said…
I agree with your last statement. Meeting a kababayan in a foreign country makes the experience better tapos magusap kayo ng Filipino..

Anyway, I really didn't do much with my blog. Salamat for noticing. And I'm an ESL tutor to the Japanese and I have started monetizing my blog. I signed up for 4 assignments lang but I'm receiving more! I'm running out of topics to post. Let me know if you're interested ha? I'll share the links to you. :)
Beng Gee said…
Ohhhh... I love this beautiful post of yours, Beth! Very clear and crisp ang photos and the way you describe that Macau experience of yours! The more intense my wanting to reach the place! Gandah ng flower shots! Nice talaga ng Dslr!

Belated Happy Birthday! When was it pala?
Missy said…
I don't think I can finish that stone pathway hehehe.
Love the flowers' shots :-)
Beth said…
Hi Ida,
Yes, there are many Filipinos in Macau!

It's good to monetize your blog. I did that before. Nakaka-excite everytime there are assignments. I'll ask you about it again when I'm ready again for that. Thanks and have a nice day!
Beth said…
Ate Beng,
Sobrang late na ng reply ko! Macau is such a beautiful tourist destination and I would like to bring my kids there! Btw, July 26 ang bday ko. One month muna bago ko nasabi, Aug 26 na ngayon :D
Beth said…
Hi Missy,
I didn't even reach 1/4 of it!!! My feet really hurt!
Thanks for visiting. I would check out your road trip, too!

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