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Macau Tour, Day Two

There were things that happen just when you thought you've planned your trip well. Just like the sudden change in weather on our second day. Although it was already cloudy the day before, we didn't expect that it would rain the following day. But the gloomy weather didn't stop our itchy feet from exploring and checking out new places.

Our friend booked us in Grand View Hotel in Tampa and it's near the Macau International Airport and his house. And because of that, we were able to drop by his house to eat a hearty breakfast (tuna omelet, hotdogs, sunny side ups, and fried rice) which filled us up for a lot of walking, shopping, and taking pictures hours after. Here are just some of the places we've gone to on our second day:

It was already raining when we came there. But we didn't mind because we were already wearing jackets because of the cool temperature. After going up the steel stairway at the back which leads to the top of the facade, we left and checked out the stores and souvenir shops near it. (When you're there, don't forget to check out its museum. We forgot to do so.)

The facade of the Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral
There were many shops that offers free taste of its products. We tasted the almond cookies (and bought boxes of it), tarts, and the meat jerky (*a lean meat hat has been trimmed of fat, cut into strips, and then dried to prevent spoilage).

The souvenir shops in the Macau Peninsula

Hot. Yummy. Street food. Perfect for Rainy Day.

As most squares are, people seem to flock there to meet with friends and family, eat, shop, or just rest on its concrete benches. This, I believe, is the heart of Macau.

The Senate Square with this fountain as its central attraction

Just one of the pastel colored churches/structure there

A quiet alley and  the only place in the Senate Square that I didn't see any people.

The swirly striped cobblestones the Senate Square is famous for.

After walking and a little bit of shopping, we went to Guia Fortress on top of Macau's highest point, the Guia Hill. While on this UNESCO World Heritage Site, we rode the cable car which cost a mere MOP 3 (Php 15+-) and visited its museum.

Gloomy weather!

From the Guia Fortress, our tour guide suggested that instead of taking the bus, we walk and pass by this market. I've never seen as many fruits and Chinese spices before and most of them looked so fresh!

But some of the Macanese vendors weren't so friendly. There was an instance when we were so amazed by the size and odd shape of a watermelon that we saw on a stall. We tried to take a picture of it but the unaccommodating vendor took the fruit and hid it from us.

This authentic Peking Duck is so delicious!

We reached the Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre just in time to catch people try the second highest commercial sky jump in the world. Such brave people. Anyway, we didn't go up the tower, didn't eat at the 360°CafĂ©, didn't skywalked nor climbed the tower. We just ate the Peking Duck we bought from the Red Market.  

We weren't sure if it's allowed to eat there with food bought outside.
But we still did and no one seemed to mind.

We left hurriedly after eating because it was getting darker and colder. 

Fisherman's Wharf was a little dark at night. There were few people there and if we didn't have a tour guide, I think we would've been lost. There were few open restaurants and most of the ones that are open are a little too pricey. So we just decided to eat ice cream at New Zealand Natural.

One of the beautiful buildings in Fisherman's Wharf

We didn't get enough of the City of Dreams so we came back and my friends bought shirts and souvenirs from The Rock Shop.

The tour guide cum photographer reflected on the mirror

Looking back, I realized that we've gone to a lot of places in just two days! And we felt there were more we haven't seen. Macau is such a very interesting destination.



Beng Gee said…
Thanks for this Macau post Beth. I enjoy tagging along with you in your tour of the place. Haha.. I feel like I am with you in your tour of the place. Nice talaga ng Macau. Kailan ko kaya mapuntahan yan?

Hope you are having a great weekend!
Beth said…
hi ate beng,
macau is such a beautiful place to explore. sobrang dami ng mapupuntahan.

thanks for the visit, Ate Beng. Pls come back to check out the third day when I post it. Have a happy week ahead!
Missy said…
Nice photos, the senate square is like Europe ah.....bad trip talaga pag gloomy ang weather but still interesting places to see......and nakakainis yun vendor pati ako nainis nang mabasa ko e hehehe, may ganyan din akong na encounter sa Singapore kaya ako nakakarelate
Missy said…
Nice photos, the senate square is like Europe ah.....bad trip talaga pag gloomy ang weather but still interesting places to see......and nakakainis yun vendor pati ako nainis nang mabasa ko e hehehe, may ganyan din akong na encounter sa Singapore kaya ako nakakarelate
Farida said…
Great places worth visiting and these are the same spots Macau is known for. Was this recent? Ang galing. You got to see so many places in one day!

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