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Pisa Dive: A Company Outing

Working in a company has many perks and one of them, which also happen to be my favorite, is the company outing. I have so much respect for management of companies who make sure that their staff gets to unwind, relax and bond with each other at least once a year. Usually, for free. And here in Riyadh, or Saudi Arabia in general, I don't think it is included in the list of company perks. Sigh.

One of the summer outings that I like happened back in April 2009 and held at a resort owned by the company president. We went to Pisa Dive in Tingloy, Batangas. Fred and the kids tagged along and even though it was quite far, the island was worth all the hours of traveling: three hours by car to Anilao port from Manila and another hour or less by boat from the port to the island.

The HR staff went a day ahead to prepare all the food and lodging so when we arrived, we just ate, played, swam and slept. What an idyllic way to bond with co-employees! We stayed in a two-level house with three rooms on the upper level. Because we came as a family, we were given a room. I knew later that it was initially intended for the Finance Manager and her nieces but out of her extreme kindness, she gave way and just spent the night in one of the big tents that she brought. Such kindness.

It was also during lunch when I saw another act of kindness. We lined up for lunch and saw our company president putting food on her plate. When it was my turn, she served our meal and asked if we are enjoying our stay. I said yes, thanked her and left. When I looked back, she still served some of the employees on the line. Such kindness.

I enjoy company outings like that. It makes me enjoy life outside the workplace and know my boss and my colleagues better. I just wish we'll have one here.


Enchie said…
I like to go there! I'll check it out online I want a new destination this summer :D
Beth said…
You should try it! But you may want to try Bataan din. Esp. the Morong beaches. I love it there!

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