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A Fusion of Something Special and Organic

It was our 11th wedding anniversary last February 17. We decided to celebrate the day before because our anniversary fell on a Friday where shops, restaurants and most establishments open at 4pm. We cannot stay out late on Fridays. I have to get up before 6 am the following day to prepare our breakfast and the kids' and hubby's packed lunches. Saturday is like Monday in the Philippines, the start of school and work week.

We decided to eat at Pizza Fusion, located along Thalateen (30) Street. It boasts of fresh and delicious food made from organically grown ingredients.

We ordered Banana Berry Shake and Strawberry Frost but they were not offered at that time. The wait staff explained that when the organic ingredients are not available, they'd rather not serve the order than make them from inorganic produce. Wow, hats off to their strict compliance to their slogan: Fresh, Organic and Earth Friendly! It's responsibility first before profitability for them. I hope many food establishments will follow suit.

Will we eat there again? Definitely yes. We're glad we chose it over a famous pizza restaurant here. Pizza Fusion is one earth-friendly and health-conscious restaurant!


Farida said…
Hi Beth, thanks for linking up with me.

Organic dishes are becoming famous everywhere and I must admit, though it is more costly, the benefits are better for our bodies too. I'm glad you enjoyed the fab dishes displayed on your entry. They sure look delicious.

Take care and God bless!
Beth said…
@Farida: Yes more expensive! I just wish I have more money to buy them or even grow them. Maybe when I retire, I'll start an organic garden. *Wishes.

Thanks for the link up! :)
chubskulit said…
Hmmnnnn tsalap tsalap naman, makes me want to expedite my breakfast.. Cooking here at the same time blogging.. addict baga hehehe.

Added this blog to my travel blog Beth. INgat lagi!
Enchie said…
you give Saturdays a different meaning. Even if it's the start for another busy week, it's nice that you guys were able to eat in a healthy restaurant and even shared it with us... Everything looks good!
Beth said…
Hi Enchie, I love eating in restaurants! I get to taste new dishes and try them at home. :)
Beth said…
Yes, Rose. With more than five blogs, hehehe I can say you're addict nga. :) Thanks for adding me up! :)
The pizza look very appetizing!
And if he says an Italian...

Beth said…
The pizza is delicious and healthy!

Thanks for dropping by, Francesco! I didn't expect that you will return the favor when I visited your blog. I was just amazed by your pics. Thanks again.

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