January 21, 2017

S&H Chocolate Lounge, Muscat

There are some things I learn when I travel. I learned that no matter how much you expected for things to happen, some things are just not meant to be.

Just like when I looked forward to dining at a well-known restaurant in Muscat to experience authentic Omani cuisine, ambience and all. But things didn't work out my way. When my hosts brought us to S&H Chocolate Lounge for lunch instead, I was a bit disappointed because it wasn't in our itinerary. I wanted authentic Omani food, even if it meant eating street food.

Honestly,  I don't know S&H Chocolate Lounge. I think they don't have a franchise yet in Riyadh. In its Shatti Al Qurom branch, we were welcomed by the Indian manager and two Filipino waiters who immediately asked for our orders.

They served Broccoli Soup as appetizers. It was a good introduction to a hearty lunch.  I ordered Salmon with Risotto – which was a very delicious combo – but I wasn't able to finish for lack of time! So sad. We had to come back to the hotel to prepare for the launch – which I talked about here. We also decided to bring home the Tiramisu, but because we also rushed while at the hotel, I totally forgot about it. I brought it from the hotel because I might not like the inflight meal but I lost my appetite while up there, then I ended up bringing it all the way to Riyadh! It was still so delicious!

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I took advantage of the presence of the Filipino waiters and asked them if I can take pictures of the other dining areas. And they immediately accompanied me and even turned on the lights on some areas. One thing I noticed though – they were extra-friendly and helpful. Was it just the proverbial Filipino hospitality? Or maybe, they haven't seen a Kabayan (fellow-Filipino) come to their restaurant that often. I don't know which. But it surely encouraged me to blog about S&H Chocolate Lounge.

I didn't expect that I would enjoy my lunch at S&H Chocolate Lounge. I had the best lunch – though rushed – in months! I had a good time talking with people who share my love for telling stories. With Jonathan, a PR Manager, who can choose to talk to other managers but took the time to talk to us. And with D, another blogger, who patiently taught me tips on instagram and blogging. Or with that Indian manager who was very attentive to our orders and requests. Or with those two Filipino waiters whose enthusiasm on their work reflected on their smiles and gestures.

Yes, there are some things I learn when I travel. I learned that no matter how much you expected for things to happen, some things just surprise you. Just like how S&H Chocolate did.

Al Khuwair, Behind IBIS Hotel, G/F ONIEC Bldg., Muscat
+968 97182201

Shatti Al Qurom, Omnivest Bldg, Opposite Grand Hyatt Hotel, Muscat, Oman
+968 90175555

For store hours, visit them online at www.snhchoco.com
Follow them on:
Instagram: sh_chocolounge
Facebook: S&H Chocolate

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