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Jinan Suites, Al Khobar

I am missing in action here for over a month. That's because the kids were into quiz bees, quarter exams, and projects the past weeks. That's the main reason I forgot to post our Dammam-Khobar getaway. If you're wondering why we always go to Al Khobar, that's because it's the nearest city from Riyadh that has beaches! And I love the beach. Even just the sight of it.

The Eid al-Adha this year falls on the third week of October. Together with a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary and a male friend who said yes at the last minute, we spent an impromptu two day, one night vacation in Al Khobar.

Impromptu because we didn't book any hotel room in advance and we didn't know where to stroll and eat. We also didn't know the location of the beach in Half Moon Bay area where we plan to swim. But we know that just by being out of Riyadh and away from the sight of buildings where we work, we will have fun.

Picnic under the tree
We've been to Al Khobar and Dammam twice already so we know that there are hotels that offer accommodations with two bedrooms and a living area. We picked up a Dammam-based friend so we needed a sleeping area for him and our last minute travel companion.

Good thing, Jinan Suites in Al Khobar isn't fully booked. We liked its location and its rates! For a 24-hour stay, two bedrooms and a living area, we paid SR500 only. That's SR700 cheaper than the holiday rates of Baher Villas. (Yes, to our surprise and dismay, its manager charged a whopping SR1,200 for a whole day stay.)

This is where we stayed. The kids on one bed, Fred and I on the other.
The two couches served as sleeping beds for our two male friends.
And there's a mini-ref, a TV and free wi-fi.

I forgot to take a picture of the other room because I didn't want to disturb our friends in their honeymoon bliss. That room, by the way, has a queen size bed and its own toilet and bath.

The beautiful swimming pool of Jinan Suites

The view of the pool from our room
Upon checking in and resting for a while, we proceeded to Half Moon Beach. Fred and the kids didn't swim because the water is too shallow. They just frolicked in the water, picked clams, and enjoyed the afternoon.

The Half Moon Bay area

I love the water. The beach is shallow and safe for kids.
We rested for a little while in our rooms, picked up a friend in Dammam, ate our dinner and proceeded to Corniche, which we found some wrong turns after.

There were just too many people that flocked the park that night. Maybe because it's holiday. Or maybe because we came there at night when it's a little cooler. The park is abuzz with kids playing lighted toys, and friends and families having coffee together. We did what people usually do in parks: walked and talked, took pictures, enjoyed the amenities of this famous landmark, and left when we got tired.

After the wrong turns and taking chances on hotel bookings, which we successfully overcame, I would still try impromptu vacations. Nothing beats the experience of getting lost and knowing that you can always go back home when nothing works, which we didn't do anyway.  

Jinan Suites
T: +966 33 8029454 • F: +966 33 8029452
Map Coordinates: 26.178916,50.186133


Beng Gee said…
Helllooo! Merry Christmas! Namamasko po! Lol! Beth, finally I'm here after a long time in hiatus. Pareho pala tayong nag-MIA. Medyo matagal nga lang ang pagbabakasyon ko. Thanks for sharing your Al Khobar Escapade. Ganda din pala ng beach doon! Same with the hotel you checked-in. Katuwa naman sina Sunday and Gab, ganun na pala sila ka-grown ups! Naku Beth, enjoy those precious moments with them. For all you know, time flies past at may sarili na silang buhay. Iba na ang interests. Okay, haba na ng comment ko. haha.. na-miss ko kasi dito eh.

Till next time.. see you again Beth! Take care and God bless!
Beth said…
Yes, Gabby and Sunday are all grown ups na! Kaya di na ko hirap pag naggagala kami. Welcome back, Ate Beng!

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