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A Day in Baher Villas, Al Khobar

The school opened last June and the kids are now busy studying, doing homework and projects. I'm happy that I wouldn't have to think of things for my kids to do just like what I've said here. My kids love to go to beaches on their vacations from school. And because we didn't go to the Philippines this year, Fred and I thought of bringing them to a beach resort here to bust their boredom and change their environment even for just a day or two.

After searching online and asking some friends, we went to Baher Villas in Al-Khobar. It is located in Half Moon Bay area and several hundred kilometers away from Riyadh. Going there was a risk we had to take because first, it would only be the four of us. If anything happens to us or on our car while on the road, there's no one to help us. Not like two years ago when we went there on a convoy. Second, we didn't know the way. We just relied on the GPS of our Android phone.

And third, we didn't know what lies ahead. Just like this strong sandstorm in Dammam Road that greeted us after we exited Riyadh. It was dangerous to go beyond the speed limit of 120 km so it took us almost five hours to get to our destination and we're thankful we got there safely.

Had it not for the GPS that we used, we wouldn't have found Baher Villas. The signage was covered with palm leaves and its entrance was so plain looking you would think it's just another residential villa.

We didn't book online or pay in advance thru banks because they don't offer those services yet. I just called the day before and told them we would come at about 11 AM. The attending staff greeted us warmly, took our bags and escorted us to our room.

The room costs SR600 for a 24-hour stay but the manager gave us discount because it was a weekday. It was the best room in the resort, overlooking the pools and the sea from the veranda. We realized later when we went outside that we were the only guests of the resort!

Fred and the kids had fun swimming in the sea and in the pool, building sand castles, playing with waves, and snorkeling. We stopped at about 4 pm to eat at Taco Bell in Corniche and lingered in the breakwater to enjoy the view. I wish Fred works there or in any other Saudi provinces with sea like Jeddah, Dammam or Jubail so we could go fishing and swimming and enjoy the water anytime we want to! Sigh.

We went back to the resort past 7 pm and as if they haven't had enough, Fred and the kids went back to swimming. The following day, we got up early to swim again until 1 PM.

The beautiful flowers in the resort

We decided to leave the resort at 12 PM but the staff advised against it because the sun is at its hottest then. We listened and left at 3 PM. There was still a sandstorm but God took care of us and we made it home tired yet happy.

We always miss the beach. And at Baher Villas, we had fun even for just a day.

Baher Villas

Half Moon Bay, King Fahd Road, Al Khobar
Mobile Number: 050 073 2048 / Zakir

Location of Baher Villas on Google Map
(copy paste on your Google Navigator):
8493 King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz Rd, Al Sufun, Al Khubar 34771 4501


Anonymous said…
seems a lot of fun
planning to go there for x mas
can you please give me their contact number :)
Missy said…
Wow it's a long drive, you should at least stay one more day para sulit yun long drive nyo hehehe. It's nice to see that there's a nice beach in Al Khobar at solo nyo resort hehehe
Beth said…
Hi Anonymous,
I updated my post and added their contact number. Thanks for visiting!
Beth said…
Hi Missy,
Yes, it's a long drive! And what an experience, especially the sandstorm! It's like in the movie The Mummy. :)

We spent two half days and one night there. If we only have more money, we would've stayed longer. :) The stay was so worth the travel and expenses. :)
Farida said…
Hi Beth, the sandstorm looks scary and horrible... glad you made it safely back and forth. Are there seasons too for sandstorms or do they just happen?

The place from the outside surely looks plain but relaxing and cozy inside. Your kids are big na! It's great to see all of you again in this post. :)
ruthinian said…
Wow, that was an awesome adventure for the 4 of you. And the resort is indeed nice too. Glad you had fun and were back home safe.
The place looks so beautiful. Enjoyed staring at your photos. Fun family trip!

Happy weekend! :)
Beth said…
Hi Ida,
Yes, the sandstorms are scary! Especially the strong ones. Yes, there is a time when sandstorms come. It happens more frequently during weather transition (ex. from winter to summer).

I like Baher Villas. The place is so relaxing and we had it all to ourselves for a day!
Beth said…
Hi Ruthi,
I'm glad you found me and my new blog! Thanks so much for dropping by.

It was indeed an awesome getaway that we would like to experience again (sans the sandstorm)!
Kulengkleng said…
Hello Beth, ganda naman ng place and solo nyo yung resort. It is always nice to have some free time for yourself and your family, kahit na malayo. Glad nakauwi kayo ng maayos. :-)
Anonymous said…
Is it possible for Bachelor to bring her GF in Baher Villas?
Beth said…
I'm not sure if it's okay. Because when we were about to leave the resort, we've only seen families coming in. Please call the resort's manager (contact details in the blog post) for details. Thanks for visiting!
Anonymous said…
Thank you Ms. Beth.
Beth said…
The pictures are as good as the experience!

Thanks for dropping by! :)
Beth said…
Yes, we had the resort all to ourselves. That's the best part of the trip. :)
And even it's hundred of kilometers away, it's all worth it. Thanks for dropping by!
Anonymous said…
hi Ms. Beth!!! yung room po pede ba sa brkada yun? bsta po ba tinawagan yung number n nkpost pde na preserve i hope mtry din nmin dun same way you did..thanks!
Beth said…
Hi Anonymous,
I think the room that we occupied is big enough for a barkada of 4-6 or maybe more, as long as your friends are willing to sleep on a sleeping mat laid on the floor. The bed fits three adults only.

BUT please be informed that the room is for 4 persons only. They charge SR75/head for extra occupants. (I'm just not sure about their latest and peak season rate.)

When you want to reserve for a room, call them a week before and they will reserve a room for you (without asking for payment) and they will get your full name and your mobile number. To be sure, call them again 3 days before, and a day before your reserved date. That's what we did. :) Hope that helped.
Anonymous said…
Dear Beth,

If the beach is limited to some nationalities only? or any one is Welcome to there? its a family beach only or there is some space for bachelors also?
Beth said…
Hi Anonymous,
I heard it is limited to some nationalities. Please call them to be sure. I'm so sorry I cannot answer all your questions because we spent our short vacation there on a weekday when there were no guests. But on our way out, we saw families coming when we were about to leave. And all of them were Filipinos.
Hi mam.. is it possible that we will just visit the place and do some swimming and sight seing? I mean will notgo through accimodation staff.. how much it will cost us?
Beth said…
Hi Marynel,
Yes, you can do that. Just pay the entrance/day fee and you can stroll (though there's not too much to see except the beach), and swim. I think it's just SR75 per person. But that's a non-peak season rate (Thursday - Friday). I called them today and they said they charge SR100/person this Eid. Thanks for dropping by!
Anonymous said…
Hi miss Beth! Nice blog!, ask ko lang kung yun pa rin ba contact number nung sa Baher Villa? Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Hello Ma'am... planning to go there by the end of this month with church mates. Ask lang po if may idea kayo sa rental ng villa nila? and how many people can the villa accommodate? THANKS!
Beth said…
Sooo sorry to have read your query late! Yes, I just called them last Ramadan. They still use the same number. :)
Beth said…
Hi Anonymous,
They have 5 villas for rent. But the other one is I think reserved for the owner/s. Rental for one villa is SR2,000 and it's for 10 people only. They accept more than 10 guests per villa but you have to pay SR100 for each additional person. Please call them for reservations. I hope that helped!

PS: Please pm me at if you can. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
hello po. plan po namin mag baher this Hajj holiday, pwede po kayang maglagay ng tent dun malapit sa beach instead magrent ng room? tnx :)

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