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Macau Tour, Day One

I wanted to present our trip to Macau in terms of heritage (Cantonese or Portuguese), structure, or activities to do there but my lack of knowledge on its history and the Macanese's way of life prevented me from doing so. Posting what was on our itinerary, which our tour guide made, was the best way, I thought.
Our room at the Grand View Hotel in Taipa

From the Grand View Hotel in Taipa where we checked in and slept upon arrival, our tour guide brought us to Coloane the following day. We saw some Portuguese having al fresco breakfasts  in a small restaurant on the way to the village (my first time to see Portuguese!). There were small shops selling souvenirs, fishing gears and fresh produce. Because we came there a bit early, there were less people, less cars and we had some of the famous sites all to ourselves.

Chapel of  St. Francis Xavier

A promenade from the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier to Tam Kung Temple

Yummy while they're hot!

While exploring Coloane, we ate these yummy egg tarts which we bought earlier from the famous Lord Stow's Bakery. We proceeded to Tam Kung Temple but sadly, we weren't able to take good pictures of it.

We went to A-ma Temple next. We can walk all the way up to the temple but since time is precious on tours like this, we took the bus that was waiting at the entrance. It's free but the bus had to leave and go back to the entrance to pick up more visitors. Tip: Once you're finished with sightseeing, check the arrival of the bus on the temple from time to time. Or you'll end up walking to the exit and wasting precious minutes of stroll time.

The majestic entrance to the temple

The A-ma Temple.

Gargoyles in A-ma Temple

Chinese ornaments.

A beach was waiting for us had we gone down these steps. But we didn't.
Aside from the fact that we didn't bring any bathing suits, it was 10 deg C at that time!

On the way to the statue, we found these leaves with names of visitors written on them.

The A-ma statue

After writing our names in the leaves of plants in A-ma Temple, we proceeded to the Giant Panda Zoo. I was so excited because that would be the first time I would see a panda. Good thing there were Filipinos working in that zoo. They told us the right time to enter the pavilion, and that's when the pandas go out to feed! (There were instances that visitors don't get to see the pandas because they're sleeping so better check out their feeding time first.)

The cute, hungry pandas eating bamboo shoots and leaves

The entrance to the zoo is free but the Panda Pavilion ticket cost MOP 10 (Php50 +-)

Prior to going to Macau, we searched online for must-do things there and most tourists recommended eating the famous Pork Chop Bun. So after our hectic day tour and before going back to the hotel to change clothes for our City of Dreams stroll, we dropped by this little restaurant where yuppies flock and enjoy its hot soup and this bun.

Don't forget to drop by and order this Pork Chop Bun when you go to Macau. So yummy!

Because we wanted to make the most out of that tour and we knew our tour guide would have to work either the next day or on our last day there, we made the most out of every minute. We just washed up, changed clothes and proceeded to The Venetian Macau and the City of Dreams.


The dome at The Venetian Macau


A fountain ball or ball fountain. Whatever.

We went home really tired but very happy with all the sights we've crossed out on our list. Having a tour guide really helped. It saved us so much time.


Farida said…
Ang ganda! Macau seems to be a place talaga for sightseeing. Ang swerte nyo, you had a tour guide. Didn't realize though that the Lord Stow's originated from there.

Pandas! Sana they were trained din so the tourists can experience getting closer to them :)
Missy said…
What a nice place to visit...Macau, maybe someday....naks hayyy I hope I can visit that place talaga, kaso ang daming Intsik e lol....
Beth said…
Hi Ida,
Macau is so beautiful. It's the meeting of two cultures that make it interesting, I think.

I love the pandas! They were so cute! They didn't mind the visitors and they seemed to enjoy all the attention. :)
Beth said…
Hi Missy,
Hahaha, oo nga daming Intsik. Some were friendly, some were not. Pls check out my next posts about them.

Thanks for the visit, Missy. I'll be dropping by, too.

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