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A New Summer Vacation

Short but frequent posts or of medium length but infrequent posts. I'm actually not torn between the two. I believe that frequent, short posts is more doable than longer ones. So I might resort to that at times when I'm inspired to do so.

But what I am torn between now is posting about my trip to Macau before we came here in Riyadh which I haven't posted yet or my kids' field trip this year. I presume that posting the events and pictures chronologically is better, so expect Macau tourist spots posts in the coming days.

And speaking of tourist spots, we won't be going to any of the Philippines' this year, as what we always do back there. We will be staying here in Saudi Arabia the whole summer. The kids, who may have inherited our love for adventure are asking us for the nth time if they will be going to board an airplane again. A big no for them this time.

No to walkalators of Dubai International Airport.

No to clowning around and not minding the other passengers.

No to Filipino Beef Steak ala Emirates.

Or any of its delicious airline meals.

No to airline freebies.

And most of all, no to playing games or watching movies several thousands of feet high.

But we will try to make Gabby and Sunday enjoy their first school vacation here in Riyadh. Fred and I will make their staycation more enjoyable by bringing them to parks and other tourist spots here (which I'm really not familiar with yet), letting them discover and learn new things, or letting them relax and rest because that's what vacations are for, anyway. 


  1. I'm sure your kids will have an enjoyable vacation there too as long as they keep busy at all times. BTW, who is taking care of them when you and your hubby are at work? I also forgot to include in my post Bataan. I saw a show on TV about it and it's really a grand place to explore!

    Enjoy your summer, Beth! :)

    1. I like Bataan. I like its beaches, its mountains, its coves, its seafood and it's near Manila. You really should visit it.

  2. Enough of those beautiful treats they experienced via all the travels done before! Time to explore more of the rich land of Saudi Arabia! How blessed Gab and Sunday are! That's the nice thing of having the family with you even while working abroad. You get to enjoy best of both worlds!

    Enjoy your vacation Beth!

    1. Yes, Ate Beng. Gabby and Sunday are two very blessed kids because at such young ages, they get to board an airplane, visit and live in another country, and be with us, their parents, at the same time. God is good. Thanks for dropping by, Ate Beng!

  3. As cosmopolitan as Riyadh, I'm sure there are many day camps for kids to go to during the summer days while their parents are at work.

    1. Yes, Riyadh is a modern beautiful city. But with its modernity comes the high standard of living. Enrolling in day camps is quite pricey for us.


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