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Goodbye, Winter

Summer is almost here. And how I will miss winter. I like waking up to chilly mornings and sleeping to freezing nights. Winter gives me all the right reasons to enjoy a mug of good, hot coffee and snooze a little longer. Winter also brings with it the much awaited rainfall, be it as little as a short drizzle or as much as a whole day non-stop downpour which flooded our garage weeks ago.

It's also in winter that I get to enjoy looking at the lovely flowers along the streets of Riyadh. They perk me up on days when I feel a little low especially when I'm on my way to the office. Those flowers just outside our building seem to smile, greet and tell me with their beauty and colors that everyday should be a lovely day. And amazingly, my days often become! God really has a way of talking to us. In my case, He used those flowers. Often.

And I say often because there were really times when I drag going to the office. There were times when I feel that my creative juices have dried up and there's nothing left for me to use the following day. There were times when I just want to browse online for inspirations and be inspired by all the great designers around.

And there were times when I just want to stay home, cook, and just do my mommy duties. But because I have to work to help in the finances, I get up and go, ask God for creative help (or maybe just look at the grandeur and beauty of His creations for inspirations) and finish the day with gratitude. It's always good to know that amidst the hustle and bustle of this stressful life I am living, I can still stop and smell the flowers anytime.


Missy said…
nice to visit your blog again :-) I envy you, still winter here and spring is coming up in March 22 (ooficial) love the shots of the flowers I can't wait to see flowers blooming there's no spring season in Riyadh?
Farida said…
Inspiring post!♥ It certainly makes a difference when we cling to our gracious Lord. The impossible, unbelievable and unimaginable are transformed to everything good. Continue looking at the beauty of His creations. Your goodness of heart and faith in Him will enable you to thread life. I enjoyed this post!
Linda said…
Beautiful and inspiring post. Love your flower photos!
Mylene said…
Hi Ms. Beth. I believe your surname is Palacio? Glad to hear from you again :)

I love your photos of the flower. Yes, God uses different things to cheer us up.
Beth said…
I laughed at your question, Missy. There is spring here but I don't feel it, really. If spring means, the mornings are a little chilly, the afternoons are hot, and the evenings are a little cold, then Riyadh has spring. :)
Beth said…
Thanks for this lovely comment, Ida. When you are in a country with lots of other nationalities who speak languages you are not familiar with, and they have work ethics not similar to yours, you tend to get stressed out at work. But as I've said, the way you handle it will all depend on yourself. That's what I told myself. Or what God told me. Have a nice week, Ida!
Beth said…
Thanks, Linda. I love flowers! Thanks for the visit!
Beth said…
Thanks, Mylene. I love taking pics of flowers so much! Thanks for the visit!
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth,

I am glad to find your virtual home again. I used to follow your blog before, that's ages ago :-), and somehow I lost it.

Anyway, same here. You cannot deny that summer, a season that I personally don't look forward really, is in the air already.

Beth said…
How did you find me again? Thanks for dropping by.

Yes, summer is in the air. I don't think it's still spring. I don't even think there's spring here. :)
Reena said…
Ang ganda ng flowers! I also like taking pictures of flowers. Will post some nga in the future. :)
Beth said…
I'll wait for your pics, Reena. For sure, that will be a beautiful collection. :)

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