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I'm back.

It's been a while since my last entry here. Thank you so much to all of you who dropped by, left well wishes, and dropped by again to check if I already updated my blog.

Our vacation in the Philippines was a mixture of business and pleasure. I consider it business because I had to pay our arrears, go to our house’s location for the initial inspection before the turn-over, and submit some documents which I still lack.

I wasn’t excited when I went to the said house. My heart wasn't in it because we‘re not going to live there yet. It isn’t my dream house. I dream my house to be single detached so neighbors won’t be disturbed when Fred wants to watch his fave movies on high volume. I want it to have a patch of land on its two sides where I can plant flowering shrubs and herbs, and a paved parking and vacant space where Fred and Gabby can shoot baskets. It should have a living room and dining area spacious enough to accommodate the four of us and some guests, and a kitchen just big enough to have a small island counter (I like island counters a lot!) that also serves as a dining table. It should have a little bit spacious master bedroom that has a veranda. That veranda should have room for rattan chairs and tables comfy enough for reading the newspaper in the morning while having a good breakfast.

what I want some rooms in my house to look like

Going back to reality, the house we bought (and still paying for) is just a simple, two-storey, three-bedroom house. It stands on a corner lot which has a little space for flowering shrubs and herbs (dream house item: check!), and a paved parking space (check again!). It has a small living room, and a small kitchen and dining area with almost no space for food preparation unless we use our dining table, and a small veranda on the master bedroom that can accommodate two small chairs and table (dream house item: half check!). Yes, everything about it is small. But I’m proud of someday owning that house because we’re paying for it with our hard earned money. It is one of the reasons we went here. It is also one of the items consistent on my prayer list.

model house of the house we're paying for

God willing, we plan to live there until we grow old. We bought that house so Gabby and Sunday wouldn't have to think about our shelter someday. Fred and I just want them to lead their lives and not worry too much about us.

Now that we're here, I will take away my thoughts from that house and its size for the meantime. I will just work, have fun, and spend more time with my family. Because when all is said (and measured), home still is where the heart is.

Photo source here and here and here.


chubskulit said…
Welcome back, sarap pag may sariling bahay, kahit maliit okay lang.. This is why I like this house that we bought kahit di masyado nakumpleto must haves namin kasi may big backyard which is very important for me and the kids and the pets too.
Hi Beth! Welcome back after the hiatus :)

I am happy for you and your family for this achievement. You are blessed to be able to acquire it and hopefully live in it too very soon.

Visiting the showroom made me really yearn for my own house. I don't like living in a high-rise where having a garden is not likely to happen. At this time, I'm glad I'm blessed to be living under a roof with my parents but still, owning my very own would be better :D
Buzz Lightyear said…
Hi Beth,

Congratulations on the purchase of your new house; it's a beautiful place and I am sure you will really love it once you settle in. Although you didn't get each item on your checklist, I am sure you will be happy together as a family, which is the greatest gift of all. You're absolutely right, home still is where the heart is, and once you outfit it the way you like, you will all really enjoy it. Will you move back permanently to Philippines from Riyadh, or a bit later?

You have a lovely family; I saw the pics of your children and husband from the B-day party post and the Tagaytay post (great posts BTW). I look forward to following your blog, it's really nice. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting!

God Bless you and your family, and all the best!
Beth said…
Yes, and I also thought that someday, the kids will leave us and that house will be big for the Fred and me. :) I love backyards, where the kids and pets can run.
Beth said…
That's also the reason I don't like to live in condos: not having your own garden. But honestly, I would like to own one. So when we are in the city, we'll have a place to stay in, esp. for the kids when they're already in college. Thanks for dropping by, Ida! :)
Beth said…
Yes, it's beautiful and I am excited to live there once we go back for vacation. God willing, we will be able to stay there when my kids are already in college, which is 6 or 7 yrs from now.

Thanks so much for dropping by, too!
Reena said…
Hi Beth! Congrats on your new lovely house! Size doesn't matter, as long the family's complete. I hope to see you when you return for a vacation next time. :)
Ria Cervantes said…
Mabrouk sis! Way to go and that's a decent way to spend your hard earned moolah :) Ok lng yan. Start small then eventually, get another property na which is your dream one.

Just remember, all your hardwork will pay off just be wise in investing the money. For us naman, in a span of 12 years working abroad, we managed to purchase 3 properties (1 townhouse and 2 condominium units in Metro Manila). it's all our sweat and labour - ika nga, katas ng pinagpaguran ng OFW. the 4th one is the last one which is a vacant lot. house construction may start sometime 2013 kaya eto, double kayod na naman.

ang sarap ng feeling ano, kahit na loan yan, at least, you know where your money is going. just keep dreaming time i know it, dream house mo na ang ipo-post mo dito. :)

God bless and hugs!!! na miss kita sa blogosphere :)

ria c
It's My Party
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Red Lips and Pinky Toes
The Travel Bug
Beth said…
Hi Reena, yes size doesn't matter. and when I think that someday my kids will leave us, parang nalalakihan na ako sa house na un. :) thanks for dropping by, Reena!
Beth said…
oo nga, katas ng saudi :) and blessing from God. dami nyo ng investment. sabagay tagal nyo na sa Dubai, good to know you invested your hard earned money wisely. take care and God bless!
Beng Gee said…
Hi Beth! Welcome back and congrats on that new lovely house of yours! What a smart move you and Fred made, investing on your own house. Nothing more gratifying than knowing that you own the place you'd come home to after your Saudi stint. Indeed, it's home where the heart is! God bless you on all your endeavors.

Take care always!
Beth said…
Hi Ate Beng, You are right. We need to invest into something so we will know where our earnings go. Before it's too late. Take care, Ate Beng! :)

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