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My Week at a Vintage Glance

My hands are full with many things I pretend to successfully juggle but frustratingly leave half done most of the time. But don’t get the impression that I leave them undone, or half done, or three-fourths done, or not even including them in my to-do list, because I don’t love doing them.

I love doing my job. God uses my job to bless me with a salary that augments our daily expenses. I love doing the chores at home. Though I really get tired because of my broken shift at work, I just look at them as a form of exercise and love-filled service to Fred and the kids. I love having my quiet time.

But no matter how busy I am, there’s one thing I love doing and I’m trying my best to fit that in my schedule. I love photography. I love taking pictures of people, things, and places. I always bring my digicam or my SLR even at work because I believe I might see something unusual or beautiful along the way.

I take pictures almost everyday. And with the filters from a photo sharing app Instagram, I get to transform the photos' look and feel (sorry Instagram, I borrowed your copy) and they amazingly come out beautiful and vintagey. And to give you an idea how click happy I am, here are my daily snaps for one week.

Friday is grocery day for us. We went to Al-Jazeerah Mall which isn't the nearest to our house but the one I am most familiar with. Its supermarket isn't that complete but at least, its seafood section offers fishes I know.

A view of the Kingdom Tower from the Al Jazeerah Mall parking lot.

Saturday is work day. I asked Fred to pick me up a little earlier so I can photograph this beautiful landmark using Fred's 8 megapixel camera phone. I first saw Kingdom Tower when we were just planning of coming here in Saudi Arabia. I searched online for images and stories of expats' lives here and found this tower amazing. Now that I work just meters away from it, I still look at it every time I go inside our building. I didn't notice that it became sort of a ritual before I start my work.

The Kingdom Tower a few meters from my workplace.

Sunday is Fatir day. Because Gabby and Sunday tagged along with their Dad to pick me up, I ordered this pastry from Lebanese Bakery. My Filipino workmates call this Tamis but the Syrian doctor and marketing officer call this Fatir. It is delicious(!) and my kids finished all of it before we reached our house.

Fatir with honey and white cheese as toppings

Monday is OR day. I was asked by one of the doctors to take pictures of her liposuction operation that day. I wasn't nervous anymore. It was my second time (the reason for the number two sign below) to take pictures of an ongoing operation. My first was a hair transplant in which I bravely took pictures of doctors cutting several inches of flesh from the patient's donor site and stitching together the cut.

This isn't a peace sign. That is number two for me. (P.S. Obviously, I didn't take this pic.)

Tueday is Tower Day. It was also the day I designed the company's Facebook header. On my way home (both from morning and night shifts), I took pictures of Al Faisaliah Tower along Olaya Street using a 2 mp camera phone.

Al Faisaliah Tower at 1 pm. I'm just glad I captured the clouds.

The Kingdom Tower at past 10 pm

Wednesday is kids'day. One of our resident doctors brought her daughter and I took pictures of her while she was still in a good mood. Our Admin Manager saw the doctor's daughter's pics and brought her daughter the following day. She even told me she will bring all her three kids because she liked the way I photographed her daughter. I thought the kids gave me their best poses because I know how to make them comfortable. I am a mom, remember? I know the kids' weaknesses: a sweet smile, a soft voice, and if the situation calls for it, a bar of chocolate.

Thursday is gifts day. We went to Riyadh Gallery to buy gifts for Gabby and Sunday's friends. The place was jam-packed with shoppers that we spent almost an hour looking for a parking space. We decided to eat first and it took another hour to order the food and look for seats in the food court. Lesson? Don't go there on Thursdays.

Riyadh Gallery Mall at night

It was a week well-spent. And I am usually too tired from work and chores to update this blog as often as I can but I do post as soon as I find energy and time again (so thank you so much for dropping by to check on it always, I appreciate it a lot!). One thing is sure though, taking pictures is one thing I'll never leave undone.


Enchie said…
I salute working moms like you. Not only you work hard. its the thought that you're t balancing a home for your family even if you're tired. Nice pictures too :) Naku nkaka-addict mag instagram. But there are other photo apps too that are nice as Instagram.
Beth said…
I didn't know any other photo sharing apps. Naku, alam mo naman ako, laging late sa mga ganyan. :)

Thanks for dropping by, Enchie. Have a nice week!
Thank you for sharing your week-long routine that you seem to manage successfully! I think you are blessed to be experiencing all these :)

I remember my mom, who also used to work until I acquired the disability. Despite her many hours away from home to do the responsibilities in her office, she really finds time to teach us, to bond with us and to cook our favorite dishes.

I have high regard for hands-on mom like you! Belated Happy Mother's Day!
Chatty said…
Ganda nung towers, parang Tokyo Tower sa Japan, famous landmark din. :)
Beth said…
Thanks, Ida. Yes, God is good to let me experience all of these. But I appreciate the experience more because my family is complete.

Thanks for the greeting, Ida. Happy Mother's Day, too!
Beth said…
I'll check that Tokyo Tower in Japan, Chatty. Who knows, baka mapuntahan ko din yun someday, hehehe. Wishful thinking na naman ako. :)

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice weekend!
Beng Gee said…
Thank you Beth for sharing how your week was. Moms will always be busy endlessly for her family. Masaya pa rin kahit pagod!

Nice shots of those picturesque towers in Saudi and the two cutie kids. Parang kuha ng professional photog eh! Thanks for this post Beth! I feel like I am tagging along with you in those lovely places of Saudi.

Have a lovely weekend!

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