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Slow and Easy Mornings

It's the start of another work week but I woke up a little late today. I didn't rush to prepare and cook our breakfast and lunch. I had everything in our ref.

We went to a double birthday celebrations yesterday and there were lots of food. I mean, LOTS OF FOOD. Most of the guests left happy (read: with left-over food to take home) and so did I. When we came home, I tossed the zip-locked food in the ref, washed up and slept soundly knowing I didn't have to wake up early. Thank you, generous birthday celebrants.

But waking up a little worry-free already started about two weeks ago when I tried frozen meals. They're not the ready-to-eat ones from the grocery aisles. They're meals I cooked ahead every Thursdays, popped in the freezer as soon as they've cooled, and reheat when I need them. And for fear of some food-borne bacteria which may affect the food, I decided to just cook for three days.

They're not really all-frozen because I didn't include most of the veggies in the cooking. I just cook the meat, sauces, spices and the veggies that need a little time to soften like carrots and potatoes. The string beans, leaves and other veggies are only added when I reheat the dish. Still fresh and nourishing, right?

This one day cooking of meals for three days saved a bit of my sanity and also helped me cut wastage because I get to cook the food right after buying it, except for the veggies. And because I'm already hooked to it, I bought a make ahead dishes cookbook for variety and more inspirations! I will try some of the recipes and will post them here, promise.

And to make my cooking ahead a little more successful, three boxes full of groceries were given to us by Fred's boss. Such sweet boss. Such great timing.

So far, I'm liking the results of this frozen meal option. Especially the extra time I now have when I get home from work. I'm glad my pockets of time were a little longer for three days. I can now move a little slow and easy. Thank you, ref.


Missy said…
Good for you that you have time to cook and store your food in the fridge. I used to do that but now I got busier and don't find time to cook, only once a week for me and the rest are dining out hehehe. And you're lucky to get free stuff ;-) next time you should share your recipe hehehe
Beth said…
Hi Missy, nice to have you back here. I really need to cook ahead or else, I would have malnourished kids or I would've resorted to dining out, which we can't afford.

Promise, I'll share the recipe next time. Thanks for dropping by, Missy!
Reena said…
I can't cook. Haha! It's so nice naman of Fred's boss to give you those cooking stuff. Baka next time, oven naman ibigay niya!
Farida said…
Cooking ahead of time for your consumption in the days to come is really a great idea! This is a time saver too.

I never knew that they also have the same custom of sharing the food to guests when an occasion is celebrated. Laging may take home lalo na kung kamag-anak :)
Beth said…
hahaha! hindi malayo, reena. I really love cooking so blessing talaga whenever I receive free ingredients.
Beth said…
The best thing about it is I have time for the kids and I have time to blog. :)

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