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My Pockets of Time

There are things that I do when I have those short, supposed-to-be-doing-nothing moments. And most of the time, they're when:

1. I'm on my way to the office, seated at the front passenger seat of Fred's car, and instead of talking non-sense or talk about non-sense things, or just run out of no non-sense things to talk about, we either concentrate on what we choose to do: he, on his driving and what work awaits him at the office; and I, on putting on my lipstick or eyeliner.

2. I'm on my way home, at the back seat of the company car driven by an Arabic-speaking driver who sincerely wants to chat with me about his wife and work but since I can't understand most of the words he says, he just drive in silence and I sit back comfortably, shut my tired eyes off, and rest.

But there are some things that I do on the car after putting my lipstick on mornings, or I've rested my eyes on evenings.

I check my pantry on the Out of Milk app. It's very helpful for me because I not only see the quantity of a commodity I still have, I can also check its price which I previously listed.

I play my daughter's game, Pou. It's for kids, I know. It's like Tamagotchi of old days. There's something about it that makes me want to check if Pou is hungry, sleepy, or sick. But I won't get addicted to Pou's games, I promise. I won't be like my creative partner on my freelance projects in the Philippines. She would stop at what she's doing just to take care of her plants in Farmville! She would sneak out of a client's meeting or speed it up just to water her plants, or wake up at the wee hours of the morning to check on something at the farm, or stop at the nearest gasoline station when she was on a highway just to harvest her plants! I'm glad she's finally done and over with the addiction.

Or I play Mastermind. I didn't get to play its physical version when I was younger.

I read the free versions of some magazines and newspapers. Call me frugal but that's me. I can't purchase the electronic versions of these reading materials just because I don't want to spend money on something I can get for free, even if they're just excerpts or read-only versions. But if I can get the full, downloadable version for free, why not?

I read these several e-books (again, they're free!) which I downloaded from Kobo and some friends have given me theirs. I get to read some pages when I'm on the car but if the novels are really good, I continue reading after the kids were put to sleep. 

Those are what I usually do when I'm caught in a traffic, on the way to the office, or just waiting on a line or my number to be called.

How do you spend yours?


Beng Gee said…
Wow, walang sayang na oras kay Beth! In between work and home, busy pa din! I don't regularly get to spend time in the car with Tom, but if ever, that's the time I want to have some personal chit chat with him. It's the time kasi na kaming dalawa lang and I treasure such moments hearing from him about his activities.

My extra time is usually spent on tending my plants, no matter how few those are. I gives me happiness. Don't know why.

Have a wonderful weekend with the cutie kids and Fred! Ingat palagi Beth!
Farida said…
I was smiling while reading #1 because I often find myself doing the last minute touches when going out. My smartphone also keeps me company these days. I get amused as I discover the many wonders of the apps now and forgo watching TV in several occasions.
Beth said…
Ate Beng, I also treasure the moments when I'm with my husband in the car just talking about things. Things we don't get to talk at the house since we're busy doing the chores and attending to the kids' needs. But sometimes, we run out of stories to tell! :)

I love gardening. I really haven't tried doing it. Gardening is a tiring but a very fulfilling activity. My mother has a garden and anything she plants, it grows and blooms! And I can see how happy she is while tending her plants, just like you.

Have a happy weekend, Ate Beng!
Beth said…
I always do that because most of my mornings are spent on preparing our breakfast and getting ready for work.

The apps keep me entertained and exercises my "nangangalawang" mind, hehe.

Have a nice weekend, Ida!
Farida said…
Lol, my mind is nangangalawang too and I read somewhere that playing video games make your mind sharp.

BTW, your posts are written-well naman :)
Reena said…
I like "Pride and Prejudice" too but the movie version na. Haha. I tried reading English books but I find it so hard to comprehend.
Beth said…
I like that movie soooo much! I fell in love with the characters. And I really like the beauty of Keira Knightley.

As for the books, hehehe. I also find it hard to finish reading books. I sometimes get bored kasi. :)

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