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Some Winter Loving

It's already our second winter here and I believe we already warmed up to the climate here. Our body must've already adjusted to the cold weather. Or most probably, we've prepared for the temperature dip earlier and better. The kids have several hoodes sweaters and jackets already and they don't go out without them anymore. And as a loving mom, (yes, I think I am), I always massage oil on their backs before they go to sleep. It maybe just me but I believe that the massage oil I apply to their bodies either blocks the draft that seeps in from the windows or the essential oils spew out anti-viral essences that boost their immune system. But whatever the therapeutic effects those oils give, no one is really prepared for the harsh weather.

But there are creatures which were born to withstand cold climates. Such as these turtle doves. I noticed these shadows on the window last week and I knew right then and there that they were making a nest. The twigs on their mouths and their coming and leaving the window's crevice were giveaway hints.

Excuse the sand blasted window. This is the shadow of the mommy turtle dove.

The daddy turtle dove here is about to leave to gather more twigs.

And out of curiosity, I opened the window after several days. And look at what's on it. An egg and a revelation: female turtle doves only lay an egg or two. And they don't leave their young no matter how cold the weather is or if there are predators (such as me - but hey, I only wanted to see how their eggs look like).

Just another shot of my first-time-to-see egg.

I closed the window and promised that I will never open it again after two months, which is the length of time I estimate the egg would've been incubated and hatched, and the chick fledged.

And by that time, it's less colder then. And though it isn't advisable to disturb that winged family temporarily residing on our window, I just wish I could see that chick before it finally leaves its nest. Or maybe it's better that I wish my kids will never get colds this flu season. Yes, I think the latter is better.


Farida said…
Hi Beth, I never knew that it snows too in that part of the world, lol! Anyway, I clearly remember my grandmother doing the same for us: she would apply oil after we had our bath to prevent us from catching colds. :)

Is your flat equipped with a heater? I think that is essential when the winter months arrive... Keep yourselves warm and take care!
Beth said…
Hi, Ida! It's almost winter here again. There are some parts of SA that experiences snow. But here in Riyadh, only occasional hail.

Our flat doesn't have heater! :) But we have portable ones. But we haven't used it because some people say it's not good for health. Maybe I have to research more about its effects.

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