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My Social Networks and a Thank You

I am so busy. That's my old, wornout, yet honest alibi for being not able to do certain things such as socializing online. Now that we live in a different country, and most of my friends are in different continents, I believe I now have all the reasons in the world to socialize and get updates on what's happening to them and in my own country. But regretfully, as much as I want to connect, I didn't. But that doesn't mean I don't want. I just don't have the time anymore. Anyway, here is my socialization status yearender report. 

TWITTER: I don't tweet. But I'll try to maybe next year. Or maybe not.

INSTAGRAM: The pictures that I post on my IG account is limited to two or three in a week.That's mainly because I don't post personal pics. I post images that I find beautiful on places I visit. The number and the reason is forgivable, I guess.

FACEBOOK: I'm not into it for almost a year already as I am really too busy (there goes the alibi again) to even post an update on my wall or to check what's new. So even though I am just on the lurk mode, I'm still thankful to all of my friends who still remember and ask how I am. I deeply appreciate it.

THIS BLOG: I like this blog so much that updating this is in my weekly to-do lists. There's one blogger who I've been meaning to thank and write about since we've met online. She reads and posts comments every time she drops by. Every blogger knows that a nice comment on a post is like a good hot coffee on a winter morning. It warms the heart. So thank you so much, Ate Beng of Beyond My Quiet Zone. Also, thank you so much to all who reads this blog.

I sometimes think that the more frequent I say I am busy, the busier I get. So even though that excuse is SO TRUE, I would try to refrain from saying that whenever I can. Instead, I would be thankful for it.

And as for my social networks, I would try to update them when I have something new to share.
Or when I'm not busy.



Beng Gee said…
Oh geez, thanks much for the special mention here Beth and for the link! As you see, I’m not a frequent blog hopper but always try to be here whenever I have the chance because it is amongst those blogs that I love coz it’s really worth visiting and reading.
There’s no doubt you are indeed busy. I understand how difficult it is to attend to the duties of a mom, a wife and a successful career woman as well. Believe nga ako sa ‘yo eh! You still can find time to blog. Baka kung sa akin yan, wala na talaga energy for blogging. Lol! In my case, the word is not “busy” but “lazy”. Hehe..
Just take your time and don’t stress yourself. Be well and stay pretty as always! Will be back soon. See yah.

Farida said…
The photo you included is really cool!

I agree with you that despite all these social networking sites and programs (like the viber which I love so much) sometimes, our busy schedules will hinder us from wanting to "socialize." In your momentary absence though, you'll learn who your real, virtual friends are if they continue to visit. Despite of.

Blessed Christmas to you and your lovely family. God bless!
Reena said…
Merry Christmas Beth!

I have twitter. I don't have instagram. :) Let me know if you joined twitter na ha.

Take care!
SunnyToast said…
The Social networking in Scrabble picture is beyong cool! and with your list one thing i need to do also is friends keep on inviting me to join the wagon:)

Anyways, Merry christmas and wishing you a smashing new year!
Beng Gee said…
I'm back! Here again only to greet you. Happy New Year, Beth!
May 2013 brings you loads of good health, love and happiness. Blessings too, to your beautiful family!
Beth said…
Ate Beng, Happy New Year, too! May 2013 be a blessed and prosperous year for us!
Beth said…
Instagram is addictive. But when my account had glitches, I stopped for a while. Maybe I will post later again when it's fixed.

Thanks for dropping by, Sunny Toast! You're always welcome here. Hehe. Happy New Year!
Beth said…
You'll let be the first to know, if ever. ;-)
I watched from a news program online that many Filipinos have twitter account. That's why we're always updated regarding trends. Hmm. Parang naeengganyo na ko.

Happy New Year, Reena!
Beth said…
That's so true. Those who keep visiting while you don't post or even visit their blogs are the ones who really enjoy reading your blog.

Happy New Year, Ida!
Beth said…
Haha. You just said the truth, Ate Beng. The "lazy" excuse. That applies to me also! But I really like to blog kasi kaya I squeeze it sa sked ko hanggat pwede.

About the comment I posted in your blog: Finally, I found out why I'm having problems replying to comments. And fixed it. :)

Have a happy weekend, Ate Beng!

Enchie said…
I love how you presented this entry and kudos to you! In all my years, I was only able to maintain 2, Blogger and Facebook hehehe!
Beth said…
I stopped in my IG because I was so busy, Enchie. As in. Maybe Blogger na lang muna. I'm only active in FB Messenger. :)

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